Once you do the conversion page Shanghai Longfeng demand

on several years of Shanghai dragon handles the novice, no ranking is the most difficult, the most difficult is how to promote the transformation of the site. A problem is a real problem, because the craft size of Shanghai dragon geometric years to certain levels, of course, change of search engine has always been, the fact end of infinite width, Laoniao is very simple to test out the legislation. But this is to touch the transformation limitations of each collective headache with this achievement, many outside Shanghai Dragon technology related affairs. You have to understand with the customer, you will understand you, understand your career, depositors, users need to understand. As long as the ability to imagine a good page as the page names, good range of elements. It is yesterday and didn’t tell about your conversion rate, to chat with their website is each on demand once the conversion rate of the page. read more

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Keywords Shanghai Longfeng keyword strategy selection

according to our personal ideas is Shanghai dragon, keywords all together, when the optimization to a certain extent can reach the goal, but I want to say is this way is not efficient, do you know the website optimization needs a cumulative process, by keyword parameters above, we can see the auto repair school words are the most difficult to make up if you start to do this keywords effect is certainly not too ideal, if it is to do their own keyword optimization strategy, that person should do first school repair, Henan auto repair school, Zhengzhou auto repair school, etc. these words have a better ranking and then transfer to car beauty school, auto repair school, the last is auto repair school. This website can ensure that each different periods will have a certain flow, and the combination of the site itself will Shanghai Longfeng effect can be maximized. read more

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How to use a software build blog promotion website ranking

two, how to carry out the registration and blog topic partition

, how to choose the


many friends do not know how to develop a blog group, after some friends with insect insect marketing assistant are disorderly hair blog, blog, do not know how to go to the blog, how to raise, how to use the blog website ranking to make up, so today, Chong recently raised Shanghai Longfeng according to several hundred a blogging experience a piece of insect friends with you to share my experience with

many of my friends have made a common mistake, that is registered in the blog immediately after the release of the chain, especially the new friends, after registering with the hair of the chain, looked at the success rate is very happy, but when released again on the second day of the release, cannot account login, only find your account were all sealed. So here to remind Chong of Shanghai Longfeng > read more

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Talk about how to improve the flow of some feelingsncredible ndia in the eyes of an investor

2. by search engine rankings to get a lot of traffic, the process also needs to adhere to, the effect is also very good, to come is all natural flow, this will have to learn SEO. Through this article you will find increase website traffic is not easy, also verified that the Wangzhuan owners review their predecessors course will say "

but, as everyone has heard, India has crossed the PC era and is running into the mobile Internet society. With 10 thousand rupees RMB 960 yuan following a large number of smart phones shipped, since 2014, the number of mobile Internet users in India, "rolling, happy growth.". According to the optimistic statistics, India access to mobile Internet users reached 300 million by the end of 2016, has become the second only to Chinese about 800 million of the world’s second largest mobile Internet market, and this is just 25% of the population of India 1 billion 200 million. read more

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On site in Shanghai love turmoil to stabilize ranking

2, outside the chain of high quality, I like a company to do foreign trade, the chain is basically software group, NND, every week check the chain with a bungee jumping, while more than 1000, more than 100 of all, the heart is not good people really can not afford. The chain of low quality, high repeatability may have many will be immediately included, but generally support a few days, outside chain greatly reduce or increase, may lead to substantially reduce the ranking affected, may even lead to site is down right, my last company of those resources is on the station. This week more than 700, Monday 16. Obviously the right down. Of course, this is not my responsibility to the station, I > nobility read more

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How to do web site optimization two integrated analysis of key words

, a

analysis of key wordsThe analysis of Keywords:

1, the main keywords: according to the actual situation of product, analysis of the main keywords, keyword keyword should be familiar to everyone, but also is the key users all know. Such words generally from the product features and purposes determine the competition strength of key words. For example, the industry of the generator such as little Ai Gang took over. Everyone should be familiar with the industry, the generator has been applied to various industries. But after receiving the case of this case must understand, familiar with the product, analysis of the main keywords, to determine the main keywords. But the generator is a big industry, through the analysis of the data and customer communication, the generator is divided into: wind generator, turbine generator, diesel generators and other fuel generator. The customer has been doing industry, how to do? Can only use the word generator as the main key words. read more

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On the relationship between Shanghai and Phoenix website security

1) form data validation. To check any data, accept all acceptable data, reject all unacceptable data;

Download During

the first station

is divided into 3 stages to explain the author’s own views. Respectively during the establishment period, on-line operation period.

3) on the database. No database directly through the IE download, set the server to prohibit certain types of files to download, limited database user permissions, corresponding to the corresponding permissions.

1, website source code. We are looking for more well-known source code to modify when searching for the source code, do not easily download personal development program. Can to some large source station to download, this site source they tested. Download the source code to use antivirus software to scan, regardless of no use to mean under. Then in the local debugging, for all Bug and loopholes, don’t wait to modify the Bug line, then there is no security problem, the search engine user experience is not good read more

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Not just Shanghai dragon and Shanghai Longfeng different meaning of death

this link before actually quite popular, for example, before many sites have love always make a point to the home page of the link in the article, the purpose is to improve the home page target keywords ranking. Some refer to the column page, it is as long as the text appears in the website more popular keywords will be a link, in order to put weight on these popular word page. Of course, in the past, this method has a certain effect, otherwise there will not be so people do. But now, this phenomenon is obviously a lot less, especially in the field of love Shanghai at the start of the strict chain of time. read more

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On the high bounce rate we can approach from which aspects

high bounce rate is one of the problems we have hated the webmaster site. A high bounce rate from the side reflects the site’s user friendly experience is not good, and the user friendly experience is the relationship of the site’s weight and ranking. Therefore, the webmaster want to make their target visitors stay on our site for a long time, but the heart of visitors can ponder for the webmaster who did not dare say that in the short term out of the high rate of treatment. Even so, but we can jump out of the high rate of problems from some aspects of reasonable treatment. Today I will share their points in solving the high bounce rate to the. read more

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Lu Guofu analysis of common mistakes in Links exchange

PR have now is not the webmaster attention, but shortly before the PR once again updated, this has caused the attention of our webmaster, PR update is expected, after all, this is Google’s unique, remember in the last days of 2010, I wrote an article of Google is you I said, Google will be back. In fact, we are now mainly love Shanghai to flow, PR is Google people that love Shanghai so much? I don’t think so. Even if someone’s website is PR4, but the content is very bad, the user experience is not very good, are links to many, even if our site is PR0 the station, I saw many friends or not willing to exchange it, PR is just a reference, but don’t care too much about this thing, or you will lose a lot of high quality links. read more

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