The use of four step strategy to win the final victory of the battle of Shanghai Dragon

The second step: improve its

the two title is doing very well, I think the title to Shanghai dragon written, more should be for you to write the user, this is the good title.

then we talk about the description and keywords describing the importance is not high, as long as you can put the site with certain words expressed on the line, you can add one or two keywords, but do not stack keywords. For the choice of keywords, this is the dividing line between success and failure, must use the love Shanghai statistical tools and other keyword mining tools, don’t choose too popular word, do not choose too popular words, and be sure to see other competitors situation in advance in the choice of words, understand the keywords only after careful selection, don’t blindly choose the popular words, because a new haven’t the ability to do these words. read more

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The writer who is in love with the sea K off site experience

Changsha website optimization company at the end of April took over the ABCD educational website of a customer, one of the A B money website and self into a little bit more, the other two Education Station keywords nothing competition, less money, I had not put these two websites in your heart.

station site was K and included the date and number of recovery. The site was K, will cause analysis.

well, the reason is basically the same, but the site has been K, but each have their own misfortune. In this paper, I will own website optimization among those who have been dropped out K analysis, telling themselves at the same time, also hope to help you. read more

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Analysis of the five ways to make your new search engines fast

Keywords method The

C:yahoo: focus on key words and the chain.

for new sites to add the robots.txt files, when your station built, do a good job in this file is a must, the search engine will find the root directory of the web site have this file, if you agree to all search engines to crawl your site, you can put into the empty folder.

fourth methods: the chain

then how to make the new fast search engines? We have to understand the characteristics of various search engines.

based on the above situation, the keyword of the website, the chain, the content is several aspects need to pay attention to the novice webmaster, in accordance with the law in order to make the search engine search engine faster to know your site, here is around these points to introduce new fast search engines: read more

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Good search to the sudden good user experience to connect the life better

some time ago 360 joint cool joint venture to enter the mobile phone industry, the industry is already in trouble raise a Babel of criticism of. Now, 360 search and officially changed its name to search, come so suddenly, so fast. The new LOGO with the previous 360 search is completely different color composition. Behind this sudden, we can still go to think about the meaning behind the name search 360.

is now a vast bad times, is also a good time. The bad is that now users have been spoiled, can no longer tolerate bad products. For example, we shop in the electronic business platform, more than one day has not received the goods, we will be very unhappy. When using APP, we will have very high requirements on the UI interface, the user. read more

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How to work through the optimization of online sales business

2, in your store to reduce duplication of content

· use robots.txt files to hide the wildcard dynamic pages;

electricity supplier online sales early is very important, not only need to be ready for work, and at the same time in the implementation process should be combined with optimization technology. The preparatory work in "how the 2012 holiday shopping season for online retail crash" this article mentioned, only talk about some optimization techniques in this article.

3, from customers and visitors get feedback read more

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One of the things that search engine optimization

The first step is the site of the

has been watching "Snow Leopard" a couple of those things, feel very real, very realistic, Lenovo to our work now. As a search engine optimization (has been nicknamed Shanghai dragon R, but CTO and coo and what the difference is always so far), every day of bitterness and a few people know, we all know what is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to let Shanghai dragon chicken instead of love Shanghai auction spend less money. Get more benefits, the conversion rate is fundamental, following through several articles let me search engine optimization that is all one by one, many seemingly complex things is actually so something. read more

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Analysis of Website Title 7 strategies of Shanghai Dragon

four. Use the question resonates with the title

, to find out the answer to the question. This is why often with doubt, to search engine optimization for the title of reason. This title, often used to solve search problems for specific users.

When clear audienceSpecific title

site in Shanghai Longfeng promotion, title to the website optimization effect is very large, there is no denying the fact. How to write a good title? The conventional Title quite satisfactory, although it did not mind what, but it can bring people the most direct information. read more

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Eight Tips for web user experience more refined

as a web site you can not unilaterally think, I can give the user.

what value, or what value is the value of high quality and inexpensive? Users think, users feel worth, then it is not worth a farthing. Web copywriting should focus on improving product and service. A very simple example, Jingdong purchase appliances, sales of the first products will not appear as high quality and inexpensive, value and other similar words, similar words will only appear in a treasure, or personal shopping malls. read more

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Analysis of Shanghai dragon white hat optimization development trend and strategy

How to deal with the difficulties of

I do not know what time from the beginning, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization circle will optimize the website into white hat and black hat methods, like software engineering in the white hat and black hat test test method, test process in software engineering, the difficulty of testing to the white hat is much higher than that of the black hat test the difficulty, but can be found BUG software may exist from the code level. In the same circle of white hat optimization optimization difficulty is much more difficult than the black hat, this is to let a lot of people do not want to use one of the reasons for white hat optimization. read more

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Analysis no increase in content can also enhance the website ranking method

webmaster friends of the ultimate goal is to make money, so properly increasing the content of nature is necessary, of course, to master these free increase in the content of the method, and reasonable use, so as to achieve one plus one is greater than two in the content of the website optimization effect.

three is similar to some enterprise web site keywords although also has certain difficulty in competition, but with the excellent website private custom, then fill the one and only belongs to the enterprise content, and related services to fill in place, coupled with the appropriate optimization, also can get good rankings. read more

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