The type of four garbage stations

in this era, the spread of a website is a normal thing, but a lot of people are doing the so-called "dump" although the number of sites are in a geometric ratio generally increases, but the quality is still so low, there are few to highlight the website based.

1, content obsolete website

this site generally the enterprise website mostly, and no matter at what time you go to see him, he is also the same time may be N years ago, and never updated, dead

2, seduction of

with porn and free read more

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Wang Tong a site with a conversion rate of up to 33%

Saturday micro class is for our entry-level students do an online education website, charge is very low, 360 yuan a year, which put more than a dozen video tutorials.

registered 27 people on the same day, automatically traded 9 people, the conversion rate of up to 33%

, the online education website, is a fully automated learning platform:

1, active promotion:

each student can distribute and automatically count through a hyperlink. We adopt a bipolar distribution system that distributes most of the revenue to the recommender. read more

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My husband’s love of being a station moved me

I don’t have a gorgeous language, but I know he’s always here to read the news and experience, so I hope this article will let him see, tell him I’ve been supporting him,


2008 March, the US is from the Internet because there is something to resign, he wondered, not in the Internet, how to do the XK game network, there is no time management, he said it or sell it! I say you want a good. He said not to sell, I have no time to manage, how to develop, I think, well, sold it,

!We read more

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Talking about the difference between ZBlog and WordPress and the installation of ZBlog

has just started planning the establishment of a personal blog, I have considered the use of WordPress, but finally chose ZBlog, have to say is that WordPress is a blog program inside the leader, whether it is from the plug-in, or the number of templates, is the most, and the most important is WP users more, but ZBlog for our personal webmaster, WordPress still has many advantages of


first of all, WordPress operation is slow, for our SEO lovers, it is to increase a lot of drawbacks, optimization WordPress takes time, need to go to WordPress to understand enough. read more

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Site must be planning analysis production perfect and then on line

if you have a good idea, then make a good plan, analysis, and then make it out, of course, now you can download the source code to use.

early must plan, analysis, improve and then opened, so give the search engine a good impression, that is, you start is very good. Can not figure the early on-line, as soon as possible to collect ideas to do. I wrote the sea music network is just beginning, did not make good planning, analysis on the line, and then after no digital changes. It is very unfavorable to optimize the development. read more

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Wave no talk about webmaster do station mentality

Objective: to discuss the

website ranking and optimization problem with one of my friends in the network last night, this is referred to as my friend 9 brother! (oh, probably because he is younger than me) 9 brother rich, some of these efforts as we do stand webmaster do not care about the ranking of these stations. Is he not only love only love to do some good and good standing over the money to buy myself, in his words, " no, so little money ". Here we will certainly say that money doesn’t mean you bought the station in your hand can be discharged after optimization is good, right ah, I was just such a view, the fact is that he bought one station from the Baidu first in just 1 months dropped to tenth name. (received several stations) to tell the truth, not a fancy ranking just bought for him to buy these stations, but let it rank a strength, he is not comfortable, not to talk about money, personally felt sad, afterwards he also admitted that he was a bit depressed the ranking dropped the case! Of course it also cannot blame him, Baidu said this thing is not good, there are also some luck! read more

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E car after car collapse behind Bo Pai don’t burn to burn

"understanding for so long, the first time to say goodbye", is Bo Pai to keep a car in a April 5th article in public release.

"this is a sad news text, this time there are no benefits, no promotion, no gifts, this is the number of public car Bo Pai last push."

is the car to leave the Bo pai.

had high valuation of $600 million to the car and car maintenance service as the main Bo Pai car officially announced bankrupt.

2014, 2015 years, with the rise of mobile Internet, the concept of O2O outbreak, the car door O2O service has been quickly spread throughout the Internet car services, car free from the car, the car, the way tiger little to e maintenance, and after the collapse of the e car wash, car wash, car wash market Yi Kung Fu there is more, you do not call on the name of the brand, to keep a car from the burn O2O service started, finally finally killed one by one in the car wash O2O. read more

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How to add a good title to the article share the soft Wen title of the 4 kinds of writing

a lot of people, so, how to write text? Especially the title of the article how to write an article? Want to get attention, the title is particularly important, the content can be less attractive, but a catchy title can bring more hits, 4 written below Nanjing do companies forge ahead SEO summed up the soft Wen title for everyone.

soft Wen title of writing, 1, small and exquisite law,

short title, the general idea of the article briefly, this method many people use, especially some famous people are using this, as a large portal, also used this method, this method can reduce the visitor’s guess, one can see that the title is to find their own content this method of writing the title, there is a drawback is that, often have the feeling of not. read more

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A thorough discussion of friendship link exchange

1. What is a link


link refers to each other in their own web site on the other side of the web link. You have to find the URL and the name of the site in the page code, and when you browse the web, you can display the name of the site, which is called a link. Emphasize the essence of friendship link is resource sharing, must reflect friendship.

two, the benefits of links

The advantage of

links is not how much direct access you can give your site, but because it allows search engines to include more of your web pages. Authoritative survey shows that 80% of the world’s Web site, their access to 70%-90% is from the search engine, therefore, to search engines to include more web pages, is to improve the number of visits to the site the most effective way. read more

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14 design proposals for increasing Banner ad click rate

although the Internet has developed rapidly, but the use of Banner to promote products, is still king.

many companies have adopted this form of publicity, a lot of advantages: cheap, effective monitoring, effective.

now, suppose you have a client to help you design a Banner ad, how do you design it? How do you increase the click rate of advertising?

will detail the 14 recommendations for Banner design below.

1. selects the most effective Banner size

according to Google ads, the best Banner size is: read more

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