Taming temper tantrums: Are you doing it wrong?

first_imgToday:Research shows that 70 percent of children throw temper tantrums, according to parenting expert Michele Borba.Wait, what? Who are these 30 percent of calm children, and where can I get one?Just kidding – like most parents I’ve accepted that the occasional tantrum is going to be a kicking, screaming, brain-jarring pothole on the road to maturity.But researchers from Yale University and Kings College in the U.K. have been hard at work studying tantrums, and they say taming them is possible. It’s all about proper training – for the parents, not the children.“Hold those sticker charts, fancy point systems and our pleads and threats. Those techniques are largely ineffective in changing kid behavior for the long haul,” Borba says. In fact, experts say, most of the tried-and-true techniques taught by books are totally wrong.Read the whole story: Today More of our Members in the Media >last_img