What it looks like when the hosts themselves take the fate of tourism into their own hands – Ingenious

first_imgHave you ever heard of a small tourist place, Medici?I haven’t until a few days ago and I have to admit that I immediately fell in love with Medić at first and I hope that I will have the opportunity to experience him live as soon as possible. At first I was thrilled by the story, the story I will tell you now…Namely, Medići is a small tourist resort in Central Dalmatia located on the Omis Riviera, only 11 km from Omis and 36 km from Split. Peace, quiet, few tourists and beautiful sea – ideal for a real vacation for those who do not like crowds and mass tourism, and yet close to Omis and Split.Why are the Medici special and unique?The answer is simple – because of the people. Local people who took the fate of tourism in Medići into their own hands and made something special and unique in the history of our tourism. Most of the hosts in the family accommodation in Medići decided to make a promotional film on their own initiative, which they financed themselves, and to make the story even better, they were the actors in the video themselves.Watch the video 🙂Ingenious, isn’t it?In the video, they are not actors, but local people who live in Medići and are engaged in tourism as hosts in family accommodation. The video shows what it is, no hidden motives, no fake smiles… What you see is what you get – 100% indigenous, 100% Medici.We were thinking about what we could do to promote our small place so that everyone in the local community would benefit and so we came up with the idea to shoot a promotional video about our place points out Frane Medić, one of 30 hosts in family accommodation in Medići. ” The initiative started from all the locals, ie the landlords, and we financed everything ourselves. Since I personally took over the organization of video recording I can say that it is quite a complicated and demanding job. The video shows all the local people living in Medići, we didn’t pay any actors or extras. “It simply came to our notice then FB page Visit Medici which they run themselves, and as they set off we can obviously expect more great tourist stories.Medici does not offer much tourism, except for the sun, the sea and people. Hosts who are the essence of tourism itself and great hosts who will tell you their indigenous stories. They take you fishing in their boat, and then you bake the fish you caught together. Could the experience be better? Medici is a place with soul and heart, and I constantly emphasize that we have to be what we are and tell indigenous stories because tourists want to see, taste and experience just that.I hope that this inspiring and great tourist story will encourage some other small places to make their own story, indigenous story and tell it to guests.Visit the Medici, these people deserve it.last_img