Gomez Chinese website user experience website ranking and first

e-commerce has never been like this into our work and life today, the site has never been the impact of the performance of today’s electronic business development. Through the analysis of more than 150 sites of the 150 million page hits, Gomez Benchmarks found that the surface response time increased from 2 seconds to 10 seconds, the page will give up the rate of increase of 38%. How to enhance the loyalty of visitors to the page, the world’s leading Web application performance monitoring and analysis of the depth of the company Gomez Benchmarks gives the answer.

help e-commerce companies to understand the performance and quality of service, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and to help end users access to the best experience. Gomez Benchmarks based on similar competitors of the Internet industry leader in Web performance "response time" and "availability" and "stability" of the three aspects of the rankings, let users of all walks of life to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately improve the quality of user experience and help the electronic commerce enterprise to increase sales.

e-commerce website requires not only "home page monitoring", but also "website transaction" performance analysis:

each e-commerce site contains a lot of web pages, and web pages through a variety of business processes in a series of dynamic. This is a simple process needs to account for front-end design, back-end database structure design, data processing and other factors, and the process of testing is complete business process in simulating real user website business, which is more close to the real user experience.

has a different business website, only one process can finish marking the business success is only a single performance static page is not enough to represent the performance of the entire process.

in the online shopping website as an example, a complete shopping process should include multiple steps, open home search products, product details, add a user login, shopping cart, checkout, payment, any one of the following steps performance problems, or the page will not open, on the user’s overall business experience the impact, which makes the shopping process can not be completed properly, unable to submit orders, and ultimately affect your profits.

Gomez Benchmarks three performance indicators:

– a web site response time: the time required to open completely. The most intuitive to reflect the quality of the site is an important symbol of the speed, which is the site of the user can feel the most direct.

– availability ratio website in a period of time "can be successfully open and browse. This reflects the site users can successfully complete the possibility of web applications.

– stability: a time standard deviation of response time. This indicates that the user is accessing a web site at different times