The fiasco in 2012

look at ten success stories, rather than watch a failure story more alert. Groupon funding strand breaks, 24 coupons unlimited business, D web and the death of red child "sale", "point 100 boss run away, poly mesh products, NVC died Rashomon, star jibian paralysis, Suntech shengsijie, LDK LDK debt crisis… In 2012, the so-called doomsday, living for these companies is the most extravagant thing!

a, electricity supplier articles: closures


alive, electricity supplier is the most happy thing. The bubble was fierce, a general manager to charge a monthly salary of 60 thousand, this money game who still play? When the flashy fade, the conversion rate of flow, what are the clouds, your cash is god.

"now money difficult", investment manager of a VC of "entrepreneurs" said, "even if it is to get the money, the electricity supplier can not easily hit."

hard to live at the same time, the electricity supplier in the hope of next year. Estimated to the first quarter of next year, the industry will pick up, a founder of the electricity supplier so judgment. But will spring really come on time?

Bao Bao life and death


founder: Ren Chunlei

profile: on March 2010 on-line, in August 2011, the total staff of 2300 people, was A round of $20 million and B round of 2 to $300 million financing.

day: at the beginning of 2012, Groupon was traced to the financial crisis, VC refused to additional investment, the business suddenly collapse. In December, Ren said to create a new group treasure.

lesson: buy site, to ensure that the most powerful factor to survive is to be profitable, otherwise the fall is only a matter of time,

24 coupons indefinitely stop operating


founder: Du Yinan ‘s

profile: 24 coupons was founded in 2009, for the local service class buy site; as the country’s top five has been ranked as a large group buying site, the 24 coupons had brilliant moment

day: September 2012, Du Yinan was in conflict with the investor group successfully exposed. October, the company’s management announced the decision to suspend operations.

lesson: 24 coupons can not resist the temptation of the capital world, made a critical mistake: extensive expansion, lost their rhythm, suddenly expanded to thousands of people, Du Yinan did not live temptation. "

red child "cheap"