Daily Postcard: Robin Spotted Singing In White Rock

first_imgDaily Postcard: A robin spotted Sunday singing in a tree in White Rock. Is the robin the first sign of spring? The old tale is that a robin is the first sign of spring. As the myth goes, all robins migrate south for the winter to avoid the cold, returning in the early spring. However, American Robins are adaptable birds, comfortable in all sorts of habitats across North America. American Robins can be found around the United States all winter long. Robins not making a trip south will typically hide in forests and other wooded areas as protection from the elements, searching for food when the ground is less frozen. If you’re looking for a bird to help forecast the weather, the Red-winged Blackbird is a more reliable predictor. They routinely fly north the first few weeks of March, just in time for spring. Source: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Photo by Nancy Ann Hibbslast_img