say justice for the first video

the first video in the Internet business in the first advertisement all stopped, for the earthquake relief in the free public service ads, advertising links to the first video made public program of earthquake relief page, have said: the first video to your own website.


I would like to say: the first video to do so:

first, because the first video is state-owned enterprises, to respond to the call of the country’s first handsome; say: not all of the subsequent advertising sites, including Sina, etc. have stopped it?

two is the first video though to their website cited the stream, but advertising page refers to web pages and the first video page is not the first video advertising, also did not return, and the page is placed in earthquake relief programs and public donations;

three is the first video to do so also lost a lot of their own, the first video to undertake public service ads and broadcast the bandwidth of the server

four is the first video of the two female employees braved the danger to the front to report, not easy!

five is the number of large sites such as MSN and Baidu together played the first video of the public welfare program, also to the first page of the drainage video;

The first

video so I lost some advertising revenue, but this time who did not suffer losses? I think it is the value of the people in the disaster area, in order to support my first video! Also hope to restore the first video advertising, today

await urgently necessary condition!