The rise of the domain name of network mobilization in the era of Education

with the development of Internet, more and more education institutions continue to cross network education websites in China such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like blossom everywhere, recently some domestic educational institutions at the opening of the new domain name, domain name or on-line website move attention, also let the author attention to the education industry domain, educational institutions, more and more attention to the domain name strategy now, choose a good domain name plays a vital role in the enterprise and the site in the future long-term development, what kind of domain name and education industry has a margin of


domestic numerous educational institutions, web enabled domain type diversification, initials of types, such as New Oriental Education Group recently enabled CN short domain launched a new online learning website, this type of domain name short easy user access, enabling more enterprises; Pinyin abbreviation +edu type, such as China education information network, science education network official domain name This type of domain name can literally reflect the website operating characteristics of educational institutions enable this kind of domain name is also a lot of creative types, such as domestic students; flowers network official website domain name, this type of domain name common recognition is not high, this kind of domain name is not enabled in enterprises; English domain type, New Oriental Education Group official domain name, remote education website

also short domain name in the education market is also good, the case also enabled many, such as the English website of home education navigation station using short domain name, education online website using CN short domain name, the website of the Ministry of education to use short domain and so on, also other types, such as English abbreviation, pole form type of domain name application there are.

of course, educational institutions to enable domain type also includes the well-known Pinyin domain name, this type of domain name in a higher rate of application of domestic education market, such as domestic and official domain name enabled three spell domain name, the educational institution was also expensive to buy Larry domain, senior high school entrance examination and college entrance examination preschool Larry domain Larry domain and domain name is the local domain name, is generally recognized by users, the type of domain name applications occupy the education industry domain application of big brother position.

digital domain occupy an important position in the domestic same, besides the above mentioned types of domain name, domain name good educational institutions have infiltrated the figures, such as Shanghai interaction technology company acquired Australia digital domain to 40000 AUD $260 thousand price, its education network web site using digital domain name Singapore Huaxin and so on. Digital domain has international connectivity allows users to more easily accessible and memory, the application domain of education industry is no longer confined to the domain name, edu Pinyin combinations and suffixes org type education.