Baidu World Congress network innovation world

is a shining red dot, and beyond the horizon; a blue dot will dance; music continues to surge, many red and blue, jumping, together; the gorgeous Baidu color, eventually merge into a shiny curve……

2009 Baidu Technology Innovation Conference, in such a group of extremely cool visual impact of the beautiful opening. "From you, the new world", hanging in the venue in front of quad screen, let every corner of the hall are immersed in the most intense sensory experience. Friends from all parties guests gathered in the banquet hall China Hotel, set sail on a colorful world of innovation.

in the warm applause, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li with the box computing concept staged podium. Since the date of the birth of Baidu, a simple search box on the home page, has not changed; and the technology behind the search box has undergone rapid changes in innovation. Every day, Baidu experienced an average of more than 20 technology upgrades. People’s search needs have changed dramatically." Subsequently, Robin cited a number of real search requests, explained to everyone. "Sounds like a happy Mp3", "where can I find a girlfriend in Beijing?""…… Internet users in the search box input is no longer a simple words. How to meet the needs of users more and more complex, complex Baidu box computing applications and health.

Robin borrowed a group of vivid, image display, to the presence of each of the guests introduced the meaning of the box calculation. This is to provide one-stop service based on the Internet, is one of the most simple dependence on the Internet needs interactive mode. As long as the user enters the service requirements in the box, the system can clearly identify this demand, and the demand is allocated to the best application or content resource provider processing, and finally returned to the user to match the results."

the guests gazing intently at the big screen, from time to time with applause responding to Robin on the stage speech. At present, the dictionary, calculator, calendar and other simple applications can run directly through the Baidu box, enter "today according to the lunar calendar, a calendar module will be displayed in the search results page; input" 2.0345× 5.0987, Baidu will tell you the results in the blink of an eye. Video, antivirus, games, shopping and other Internet applications are also likely to be directly activated by the box.

today, people need to start the computer switch, open the browser, enter the address search engine, to see a search box; tomorrow, at any terminal (mobile phone, computer, household appliances) press a key, less than 1 seconds, the box will appear in front of you search, search all meet the demand. Robin sings with speech, painted a bright blue background for the future of the Internet world.

in the near future, this omnipotent "box" will be everywhere. It not only satisfies the most basic information search, but also meets the various kinds of people’s life