nvestors talk about VR VR’s color has just begun

the second half of last year, the capital circle on O2O that pale, entrepreneurs are afraid to say that they do O2O; in the second half of this year, the capital circle has become a VR color…… In China’s Internet technology entrepreneurship, the capital market has become a benchmark for entrepreneurship. Where to go to the capital, where entrepreneurs go, this is actually a very dangerous signal, there is a blind follow suit.

most investors are the failure of entrepreneurs, is bound to look at each industry with a loser’s

most investors do not understand the VR industry, most of them are always opinionated that they understand what the industry, what the industry is very thorough, in fact, otherwise. When the industry faced some bad phenomenon, immediately to help the investors naturally scared the beat a retreat.


, VR hardware sales are not satisfactory. Previously, many people predicted that VR would be the outbreak in 2016, but the actual sales market was much larger than expected, even if the giants are cold. In the international market, Samsung, Facebook, HTC and other company’s products have been available, but not too many users pay for it; but in the domestic market, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, millet, music and other giants although also have reached the VR industry, but no company VR products can be popular in the market on.

second, VR content is not enough. VR devices with the previous TV, computers, mobile phones and other devices are not the same, with different interactivity, which requires a completely new content ecology. Many people bought the VR equipment the first feeling is this thing not what useless, but to build a perfect VR content ecosystem, a few years time is very difficult.

three, VR product itself, the user experience is poor. Original price of VR products to sell cheap, but many users buy after it began to appear all sorts of problems, the problem of hardware equipment use inconvenience, poor effects are still very obvious, most VR devices basically focus on the vision, and for hearing, touch, smell, taste and other aspects of perception but very little attention.

any one of the industry’s entrepreneurial road will encounter difficulties, setbacks, when encountered some problems when the collective began to decline, which is obviously the most obvious feature of the losers. Many of the so-called investment institutions such famous co-founder, is actually an occupation managers, they are not successful entrepreneurial experience, but also the lack of boldness and courage, but often boast without shame criticism entrepreneurs this is not it not, pretend not to want. It is undeniable that the current VR industry is experiencing some difficulties, but this is not enough to block the future development of the industry.

VR usher in new opportunities in a number of fields

investors talk about VR discoloration is not enough to deny the whole industry’s future prospects, according to the latest report "according to market research firm IDC released global enhancement >