Domain name server was the two large scale attack 5 million times per second

multiple domain name system root server was attacked two times in the early last week, each attack lasted for up to one or two hours, the root server up to a query request received up to 5 million times per second.


technology news Beijing time on December 11th morning news, a number of DNS root server was attacked two times in early last week, every attack lasted one or two hours, most of these root servers when the query requests received per second up to 5 million times.

when the user enters a domain name in the browser, the root server is the final authority to determine which IP address to return.

first attack occurred in November 30th, when the attack lasted 2 hours and 40 minutes. The second occurred in the following day, lasted for nearly an hour. Constitute the Internet DNS (domain name server) root area of the 13 root servers have been attacked, but there are a few unaffected. The two attack is the beginning and the end of their own, only contains the domain name of the two non disclosure of billions of invalid query requests, each attack involves a domain name. It is unclear what the manipulator behind these attacks or its roots.

despite the large amount of data loading to enough Internet root servers to be monitored to detect the external system, but the two attack almost not on billions of Internet users have influence, part of the reason is the root server only in a large-scale DNS server failed to provide the IP address translation circumstances will function, and the other part is the hundreds of servers using the robust design.

"my conclusion is that these events are almost impossible for ordinary users." Baylor University (Baylor University) information systems professor Randall · (Randall Vaughn) said. They either did not notice, or did not expect the root server is being attacked."


has almost no effect to the end user, but still underestimated these attacks, this is because in an hour or more for most of the root servers issued 5 million times per second query requires extremely large computing power and bandwidth. The domain name system operation analysis and Research Center (Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center) CEO Keith · Michel (Keith Mitchell) said that such a large query maximum equivalent to a root server normal data loading by more than 250 times. He pointed out that under normal circumstances should be between 20 thousand to 50 thousand times per second.

is even more worrying is that the domain name server receives the garbage query request using the IP Anycast routing, and the public IP address assigned to a number of scattered areas of Service >