2017 Tencent WeChat new goal kill your wallet entity membership card

news December 28th, in the morning of the open class WeChat Pro Tencent, WeChat staff said that the future WeChat will support the virtual membership card function, for businesses through the Tencent WeChat to obtain more accurate user data, the membership card function to the extreme.

We usually use

membership cards, businesses to obtain personal information due to privacy issues of fraud, by Tencent big data, will guarantee privacy under the premise of obtaining more accurate user data, simplify the membership registration process, to achieve more functions of membership card.




– the future WeChat will join the "card" interface, allowing users to add membership card at the same time, the management of their membership card.


to Yonghui supermarket membership card as an example, after adding a component, consumers can achieve a second card.


In addition to the WeChat

membership card function, in the people’s livelihood, WeChat help social evolution from the entity to the virtual card card, such as campus card, driver’s license, medical card, the future will have more cards into virtual existence.


For example, some businesses access