Yu Bin 08 years of real estate website will sweep away the millions of enemy troops

according to the January Netguide2008 China Internet survey report, the relevant market research survey: 08 years will affect China’s real estate market trends in the market of the 5 factors. Relevant statistics also show that 08 years of real estate website cake up to 1 billion 80 million yuan, an increase of up to 31.7% in the coming year will reach 1 billion 380 million yuan.

08 years of China’s real estate website development will have six trends:

: a trend due to the special nature of the real estate industry website, will have a bright future.

because the real estate has a wide range of needs in the society, and the state of the real estate market regulation policy is limited, thus opening up unlimited business opportunities in the real estate industry, so Chinese has been optimistic about the real estate industry.

trends two: the real estate industry, the increasingly fierce competition in the portal site, and the constant presence of local industry sites, leading to war intensified.

due to geographical limits of new flats, second-hand housing, rental and other aspects of information, the focus of the network, Sina Real estate, real estate Home Furnishing House365 network gradually expand the site, SouFun is known as the "100 city strategy", at the same time, classified information website to word-of-mouth network and ganji.com as the representative of the start of the second-hand housing and unwilling to remain out of the limelight. Rental market. Industry portal, local industry website, classified information website, the romance of the three kingdoms are being released……

three trends: the real estate industry, building materials, integration of the group purchase website home and marry aspects of resources, make more professional.

through the cooperation between the upstream and downstream, the real estate industry website matures, house365 real estate home network is the new model will be applied to the new house, which attracted many buyers eye.

four: according to the trend analysis of "Chinese venture network" pointed out that the venture suffered since the video site after the attack, now to pay special attention to this industry website, most of the real estate industry website, it is a day of good news.

with the acceleration of urban construction process, the second line, three line of the city’s real estate website is in the stage of rapid development, venture capital investment in the real estate industry is not small.

trends five: the real estate industry website product diversification, creativity.

is expected to increase the future of the real estate website will be more innovative products and services, such as house365 real estate home network launched streaming media advertising, three-dimensional showings, real estate video, etc..

trends six: lack of talent in the real estate industry website.

because of the large area of territorial expansion and the new industry website was born, let all the real estate industry website clearly feel the human is not enough, especially in the real estate and the Internet and the talent is scarce, so dig the corner has become a real estate industry website personnel must work. Shanghai has a boss of a website