Tourism sites in the scenic spots advertising to science

tourism enterprises and scenic spot in the propaganda and improve the visibility of big bother, advertising is one of the ways to solve the problems through the actual operation results and expected to have a considerable gap, advertising is undeserved, cause a huge waste. How to use the money in the "knife edge", so that each of the tourism enterprises to play a role in it?

is a popular phrase: "I know my advertising at least more than half of the waste, but I do not know exactly where the waste?" according to the characteristics of tourism products: do not motivate, cannot be copied, immediate cause instant death. We should consider the following aspects of advertising:

sales and advertising sync

advertising has been overwhelming, the product has not been laid down, naturally create magical sales performance. This problem has appeared in many tourist attractions, because many managers are not familiar with the characteristics of tourism, advertising that visitors will come, I do not know the tourists need to guide. The East ZiJiaYou ( is different from other scenic website program, it is really from the consumer’s perspective, analysis of the reasons for choosing the scenic spots, tourists do not blindly, the advertising effect is relatively good.

terminal publicity and advertising closely with

error: do a good job terminal, sales up, you can not advertise

many scenic spots that more than a single page of publicity and then placed in the travel agency, so that visitors can see when consulting directly, and then tourists back. These methods in the era of scarcity of products can be, but now is a wide range of travel products, tourists travel is very rational, not just look at the leaflets on the trip, but also carefully selected and then decided. Terminal is the role of direct sales, and advertising is the image of the brand publicity. Oriental self driving travel and practical needs of readers in the first place, and ultimately won more support and trust.

advertising media choose to diversify

There is nothing like the

ad campaign and a real war, no one can win all the wars by plane or artillery alone. Oriental self driving tour has a large number of peer media partners, in different periods of communication and promotion, showing a unique advantage.

1 simple TV advertising sometimes and can not be said through the scenic spot information, causing consumers to know your brand, did not know exactly how to go to the scenic spot, what to play, what are the characteristics of scenic spot. At this time there is no newspaper soft text, network articles, magazines, with the introduction of the.

2 is also common in the central media to cast the image of advertising, a few million investment. Ignore the target market. The national market can not be a piece of red or black. Some areas sell well, some areas sell well is a common thing, the eyebrows beard grabbed the media, no key no primary and secondary, will only lead to the waste of advertisement. At this time, the focus of the region will need to cooperate with local media.