Personal portal as the next trend of personal blog

recently, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "2007 China blog market survey report", the report said at the end of November 2007, China blog has reached 72 million 820 thousand, up to 47 million the number of bloggers, and predict the single blog will change to the personal portal.

A review of the

blog development process, the concept of blog is introduced in 2002 2005, China, blog got the scale of growth since 2006, the blog into a stage of vigorous development, has gradually become the basic services of the Internet blog. But with the rapid development of Internet, network technology, blog function has been out of single information published, is not only the text, pictures, sound, video, animation, and gradually combined with instant communication, social function, will become a bloggers covering the full range of personal portal.

is now the Internet has moved from the site as the center gradually transformed into a user centric era, when the user opens the personal portal, users need information will appear in the above, and the user does not want to see the information but did not appear, this is the personal portal charm! The next year will be 2008 personal portal years. Is to the user as the center, the formation of an individual centered circle – personal portal.

personal portal and blog how fusion? Is a simple blog user inheritance or self centered portal? This will undoubtedly become the focus of many people in the industry in 2008, the Internet giants concern.

I think that the first personal portal is a personal blog for the existing fusion led, more users: for example, the original single personal blog open user registration and submission, increase the interactive ­ users can see your own works published information;; aggregate Internet users daily application…… A lot of small and medium business website is such a website development direction. Of course, there are more and better way to wait for everyone to develop slowly.

after two or three years of development, has become a blog Internet application; we firmly believe that, in 2008, 2009, the personal portal will be more popular.