Focus is just about how to create their own small and beautiful website

recently a very fire, that is "small is beautiful"; on, also saw Taobao is trying to promote this noun, show a lot of small and beautiful website for us, and I then click on the go, find out more about these shop features, such as first introduced the development process of shop, then what is the place to learn, what are the advantages of their products, in the introduction of their own shops, will maximize marketing of their products, to provide a great space to play. Then do our own website, how can we really do small and beautiful?

first of all, small and beautiful site is to choose an industry can play their own advantages

in the Taobao store, see the most is the unique industry of these shops themselves, many industries are writing their own concerns, is also the focus of title is the positive solution of the word, as shown in figure


I believe in our website, also need to build their own advantages for space focus, after all if an industry there is a unique advantage, it is easy to cause the elimination of most of the time, when we make love, always think too much, think too much, often is a website the content is not ready when you want to do another thing, resulting in two things are not very good, this is attention not to recognize the true "starting point, small and beautiful" sites is that we do a dedicated web site, rather than the topic drift website, if you want your site has value, then please attention, say you want to do a flower website, then this site at the beginning of the stage must be fully carried out around the theme. Road, but at the beginning of the stage must not leave this topic, is responsible for the future of the road is too difficult to go.

in the original Jingdong, is also at the beginning to focus on the digital industry, basically in the early time with the industry monopoly industry website genuine digital most users, and then slowly began to transition into a comprehensive mall, also shows that, after the website needs to make their own things. Think of other things, a user acceptance of a website, we need for maintenance and certification website full irrigation only.

secondly, small and beautiful site is to use their own unique insights to create the value of this site to survive

in those who participate in the activities of the Taobao store, many of which are with their most unique things to show, here, we see a variety of different styles of products, also feel the owner for this product, the industry’s intentions, to this, this shop all content is carefully to make their own unique views, that is, this is the internal key a small but beautiful website.

in a lot of times, we’re still working on