have operated the 13 network promotion methods

because super like the reasons for the network. He also built several stations. For personal sites, the key is to promote, promote the good, the flow has a natural income will have. Online writing methods to promote the article very much. Now I have used the methods I have written to share with all of you, although there is an introduction on the Internet, but I wrote that I have operated.

1, QQ group promotion method with this method has two key points, first, if your site content is only for a group of people, it should be targeted to find groups. Two is in the group of direct advertising is easy to T. The solution is as follows: one is the relationship with the main group, the two is a group of mail, three is the group space, four is in addition to group owners and administrators, one by one, five is your ad writing level high, let people look not advertising, but still trapped. QQ group to promote this method is more effective, can instantly. The most troublesome thing is easy to be T. My poet Chinese calligraphy net of this website is completely promotion QQ group promotion method, I will add a lot of calligraphy class website, and then one by one group to the group members to send a message, the content is the famous calligraphy video and he shared a link. Effect is very good. My other website, Nantong 1 network is also using this method, the effect is also very good. But my "118 stock." this website with this method basically can not, because the stock is basically the QQ group for money advertising pull members set up, a lot of Q group also cannot be added, added a message was T.

2, mass mailing device to promote the mass of the device is not free, free of all functions are not complete. Most of the messages sent by the bulk of the mail will be a lot of e-mail as a direct block in the junk box, so that the effect of the promotion of basic No. Maybe money can buy a good mass, but money, I rarely do. Unless dozens of dollars can be considered. This method has a problem, is how to get someone’s email address, there are two methods, one is to use the money to buy twenty or thirty dollars, can buy billion; two is a software to the forum to get somebody else or to obtain the QQ mailbox. QQ mailbox to get the software I was getting a crack version, and very good use. In general, this method is to spend money.

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3, Taobao Taobao promotion method to find your website and, to their shops or want message, send a message. This is also a bit bad, hair will be restricted, to finally spend money.

4, Forum promotion to the forum to post, this method is difficult to write the soft, let you see will not delete the moderator, this is about to writing level. In fact, it is not difficult, you have to write in the story or news, readable, and then implanted your ad, on the OK. Is your post to have value. This way you can use some bait and switch, a good article it changes, this is the most convenient. Of course, there are many ways I tried, this is not a presentation. The most successful thing I’ve ever done