The financing is in place of a fresh response has been a mystery m B round of investment

days ago, one from a fresh out of the fresh electricity meters staff revealed that one meter of fresh financing may encounter problems, also appeared the phenomenon of layoffs.

therefore, billion state power network to a meter of fresh official confirmation of the news. One meter, said the founder of a fresh coke, in January this year, just got a fresh rice B round of financing, has not been announced to the outside world. "I don’t know how this can happen,"


billion state power network has learned, in 2015 December, a fresh rice issued a message to get a A+ round of investment in Kunlun the $1500, and in 2016 the investment is a new round of investment scale and no specific exposure.

According to

, said Yue Yue, in May of this year, a meter will not only release the details of the B round of financing, but also will launch 59 minutes to send this product.

"on Wednesday, the day we sold 1000 durian." Focus on the current operating data. This year, we will increase the quality of the product layout, from June to August, the proportion of direct mining will be 60% to 70%. We hope that we will pay more attention to the layout of our products, rather than all kinds of rumors. One meter of fresh and Jingdong, with the launch of Baiguoyuan will promote domestic fruit fruit standardization alliance."

addition, coke Yue also revealed that a fresh fruit sales meters will be staged this year, users will see different levels of sweetness, fruit, fruit will be standardized to do more sophisticated.

As for layoffs,

said, because there will be a quarter of fresh rice assessment, some employees may not be dismissed, but at the same time a meter fresh has been recruiting.

billion state power network was also observed, each port of a fresh rice are in normal operation, and launched various promotional activities.

but not smooth financing it is entirely a Weakness lends wings to rumours.? The industry believes that this reflects a tendency for uncertainty and external fresh electricity has been "burning" judgment. Many fresh electricity providers to think about a problem can not be avoided, in the pursuit of market size at the same time, how to achieve profitability as soon as possible?

insiders pointed out that a lot of fresh electricity supplier actually did not break away from the traditional retail sales as the core model, and did not change the traditional chain. The traditional retail chain is to produce goods, and then put the goods in the warehouse, and then gradually ship. A lot of fresh electricity supplier is also the same, which leads to goods in circulation, distribution and other aspects of the cost can not be reduced."

industry insiders pointed out that in terms of loss, fresh O2O and fresh fresh chain similar. The traditional fresh chain loss in the 20% to 30%, but this is the fresh electricity supplier chain, and from the origin to the hands of users, and then count the return and reject the cost will reach such a number, so to avoid loss, fresh electricity providers have no advantage.

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