Rapidly enhance the content of the web site content Alliance Daquan

    from the content alliance is in vogue, I began to pay attention, after months of summary, I have accumulated more than and 20 Content Alliance data, are some of the best of the best in the league, I think now is the time to share it with you.

      well, well, now I introduce what is the content of alliance first:

    Content Alliance is designed to improve your site rankings, increase your website PV, add a rich channel for your site, while free for you to update. You only need to do is to put their two level domain name pointing server IP, so you have a rich and professional website. If the other server content alliance is fast, stable, so for you it is the perfect choice, can give them a lot of high rate of return the user, and all resources are all free!

    but there is one thing we should pay attention to is the Content Alliance and search engine:

    because the content in the League a lot of duplication of information, coupled with more people, the search engine will be directly considered cheating, then K off, which is why we are in a level two league content of tens of thousands of page and a page to search the reason, but because the Alliance contents and K off the main meter I’d never heard of, also cannot have the word you really knows, you can see for yourself, HOHO.

    but the content alliance is search engines receive is there, such as the 17 union I do now, there are many was Baidu included, and YAHOO and Google included will be more, that how to make search engines, we don’t do, but I can’t guarantee success rate:

    in fact, there are some content alliance backstage calling code is for your promotion, such as JAVASCIPT code, as long as we put these codes do you want to advertise on the first page of the search engine is not impossible Oh, but it also increases your entrance address propaganda effect to help and improve PV oh.

    well, said a lot, and now the specific alliance to everyone:

stationmaster Content Alliance is a professional Chinese Studio Entertainment website alliance. Use of existing resources to launch online movies, video clips, wonderful textures, high-definition television, online MTV, film, TV drama, celebrity gossip, entertainment featured animation film and television entertainment resources front. The program for the full build, rich programs, exciting content, updated quickly! As long as you join our alliance, the resources are free to share!

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