The traditional way of marketing by free porridge

this morning, Lao Feng (Feng Dongyang) also as usual, on the way to work to buy a cup of porridge, stomach, and hunger. However, due to the rush to go this morning, usually buy porridge "sentinel" let me accidentally missed. However, I know that the company is not far away from where there is a selling porridge, so glad to walk on the way to work. On the road, a chance to sell porridge, look at the venue should be a new camp soon, then went to the next to selling porridge, it is natural to say: "the boss to a cup of porridge." The boss is very handy for I took a turn, when I asked most money? The boss replied: "to celebrate the opening, free porridge."

it makes me shock for a few seconds, behind the gruel store boss see homeopathy, I’m sure this really should be grateful to the boss, then said thank you. Go to the company on the road, I drink porridge while thinking, this marketing method is suitable for the traditional enterprise? (said the hotel is not for traditional enterprises?) before the analysis of the marketing mode of traditional enterprise, we look at the next general hotel (catering enterprises) opening time is how marketing:

a, eat discount

this is a customary way of food and beverage companies, eating discounts or opening early, discounted prices. Although customary, but still effective. Some people just buy this account. When each hotel opened, always see which people eat bursting, because people have petty psychological, of course this is not what disadvantage. Here I said the discount is not only on the price discount, but also to eat a bowl to send a bowl of this form of concessions.

two, under the banner of free publicity openly

this method is believed to have seen a lot of people, the general catering enterprises are also the implementation of price concessions are more, the name of the banner of free dining can be said to be minimal. Today, the boss is really free porridge. Of course, he also operates other stores in the store, such as steamed stuffed bun, side dishes of God, in fact, authentic Chinese restaurant.

is the most common type of food and beverage companies propaganda, we can also call it marketing. In these ways to promote publicity, the boss is also generally traditional people, he may not think of the use of the Internet, the network to promote their own store. Is this kind of traditional marketing feasible? Feng Dongyang is feasible but also has the shortcoming. Why do you say that? Listen to me slowly:

target range too wide

how far away is the scope of a Chinese restaurant? Some people might say that as long as the food is good, how far will it be?. In fact, too far away, mostly in the vicinity to find food. This restaurant and he is just a very ordinary restaurant in our north side, we have called this type of steamed soup. And get the majority of people are passing through the work of the family, the distance from the hotel have a certain distance. Therefore, it can be said that this marketing approach has such drawbacks, for a wide range.