Congregation raised platform to share the dream community was 15 million yuan first round of financi

recently, a one-stop business platform for food and beverage business commune commune announced the successful acquisition of 15 million yuan Pre-A round of strategic investment. The investment by the cosmopolitan capital lead investor, professional investors with investment. The strategic investment department recognized the unique dream commune Internet plus financial + catering mode, to reach a consensus on the direction of the Internet and the potential for the development of food and beverage. As of press time, there are more than 50000 members of the commune platform has registered members, the cumulative amount of financing over 13 million.

dream commune according to Department of disclosure, led Party voted for the Asset Management Co (hereinafter referred to as Qiantong Qiantong capital). Qiantong capital investment focus on the field of Internet incubation and start-up companies in recent years, the current investment in the famous Internet Co, Xi’an Bo, Qiankun imperial jade high-quality education and other Internet startups. Investors are investing in the fund, the securities industry, the field of investment research professionals. Hui dream commune through the current round of financing to improve the business system architecture, force users and project resources to obtain and accumulate, to expand the development of different branches, accelerate the strategic layout of their own development.

data show that as of March 31, 2016, the national Internet platform to raise the public (excluding Hong Kong and Macao) at least 399 companies, involving equity investment business of the 184, VC in favor of the company to raise public is scanty. Can focus on market segments, the power to play an innovative model, is the key to raise the public platform to break through.

said the main reason for funding capital Qiantong, Hui dream is O2O development by the catering industry. China’s large population base, the catering industry has a huge demand for rigidity, the development of food and beverage Internet has become an irresistible trend. As a one-stop business platform catering business, catering industry is committed to providing financial services, operations management, marketing, technology research and development and protection of the four core modules of O2O services. Its unique Internet plus financial + catering mode, provides a rare opportunity in the field of investment in food O2O, the one-stop service system has enough to overturn the traditional catering industry development mode of power.

in the Internet tide, if the emerging industry is "Internet plus", so the traditional industry is to a greater extent to "+ internet". All the chips by leveraging traditional catering industry, just a start. In the future, the development of the Internet will be more in-depth and diversified catering industry, unlimited potential.