How to operate the local website WeChat public platform

recently began to contact the WeChat public platform, and through the success of WeChat’s public platform to bring their own website advertising fees. Here I share with you some of my experience in the operation of local WeChat. Personally feel that WeChat is important for local sites. We can attach importance to. The following is my local WeChat more than 1 months of operating results. Small place, 600 thousand people.

focus on the number of users:


daily forwarding number:


can be seen from the picture. Daily focus on user growth is rapid. And can bring a lot of views. For our small site. When will you be able to achieve the amount of thousands of IP per day? A few years you do it? And WeChat public platform for 2 months is enough to do. Through WeChat every day can give their own site import hundreds of traffic. At the same time, the content of the site can also allow more users to see through WeChat. Here to share my practice:

1, the initial members of the acquisition, in the beginning of the WeChat public platform no one is concerned about when no one forwarded your content to the circle of friends. So you have to go through their own channels to get the first attention to your users. I chose my own micro-blog, the site. QQ group to get the first batch of users. About 200 people concerned about.

2: content updates. Because it is local WeChat. So the content must be released and local life is closely related. For example: dialect, dialect video. Local picture. Local development news. It’s important to keep the news out of the official language. Such news forwarding is generally low. The following figure is the highest amount of my WeChat forwarded two.


3, the rational use of WeChat’s settings. Such as: automatic reply, keyword automatic reply. There are some of the content page to invite some of the villagers concerned. Remember the key points. First, your WeChat thousands of people concerned about. Two, your WeChat every day is broadcast the latest local information. 3, content arrangement. Keyword auto reply. Convenient user queries before the release of information. For example, local phone calls. Local image for easy viewing.

4: user interaction. Because it is local WeChat. So the villagers are particularly willing to communicate with you. For example: ask you such a store phone, weather, and so on. You can reply to them by yourself. You can also save the dialect information sent by the villagers as an automatic reply to enhance intimacy. So users are more willing to forward your content to the circle of friends.

talk about the advertising I received it, in fact, someone is going to give me a message through the WeChat platform to do real estate advertising. In fact, I only need to publish daily information to he spots an advertisement can be. Will not affect the user experience. As for WeChat’s profit model