2008 Shanghai nternet grassroots conference investment plan

2008 Shanghai Internet grassroots conference investment plan

invites organizers and co organizers

– about activity

2008 Shanghai Internet Conference (hereinafter referred to as the grassroots grassroots Conference) by the Shanghai Owners Association, Wang Chenyun (honorary president of the general planning of Swp) to grassroots website for the annual festival of the protagonist of the large internet. Time: January 12, 2008: Location: Shanghai Xujiahui Park Hotel central conference room on the third floor.

the conference organizers will be invited to the success of the Internet, people in the field of grassroots webmaster do in-depth dialogue, listen to their Internet operations experience, mining business model, on 2008 the Internet will be where to go, and how to develop our grassroots webmaster.

– about media and guests

grassroots assembly by the Shanghai Youth Daily, MSN Shanghai channel, "Morning News", "IT times", Shanghai TV channel, Oriental TV, Sina, NetEase, Sohu…… A number of newspapers and magazines, large portal website to provide media publicity, marketing planning agencies on the special design.


invited Wang Zhidong to click on the general manager; Liu Ren Donews producer; Zhang Tao dianping.com general manager; Pang Shengdong 51.com general manager Wang Wei tudou.com; general manager; general manager Wang Jianshuo Kijiji love apartment; Jia Ming Zhang general manager; Guan Guoguang fast money manager; Zhang Guohua (fence net free group purchase network) general manager Li Xunhuan under the banyan tree; general manager; Yang Weiqing iResearch general manager; Shanghai general manager Dong Qinfeng Liu Xiaoguang rushed out of the website;; Hua Junhua Software Park Station; graph king station network founder Pei Dapeng Shopex; general manager; Liu Run CCTV international large-scale public welfare charity 1+1 VERYCD; Dai Yunjie; Huang Meng long; Ma Xuefeng and CEO; Deputy General Manager Wang Yong diamond Asia Investment limited…… And other famous people as guests.


– participants

conference attendees for grassroots Internet entrepreneurs, personal webmaster, CEO network, IT network company, stakeholders, venture capitalists, relevant scholars and experts in related media reporters.


so far, there have been more than 300 web site participants. The number is expected to exceed 500.


– about sponsoring

has been invited to the grassroots conference: the Alibaba’s Ali mother as a guest co organizer of grassroots conference. Now the foreign recruitment / host organizer, intends to cooperate with the organizing committee merchants can negotiate negotiation between the two parties, the organizing committee will formulate the cooperation content and rights. The following is enjoyed by the sponsor