Talk about the marketing model of traditional companies to use the nternet to really face up to con

if the site is to buy a copy of the price, it will be loyal to the user is injured, why there is a new offer, the old man up, the customer’s attitude to the site changes, people think.


the customer is the traditional entity doing business in earlier years, site requirements are very simple, do some air, beautiful pictures, add some office functions. A collection of science and technology understanding of the enterprise is very famous, the production of products in the local hard to buy, because the company’s sales strategy is remote sales, it is understood that even if the factory employees need to buy, cumbersome procedures, as long as produced, do not worry about sales, website? That is to follow


in the passage of time, the Internet great scourges under the impact of the advantages of the company of the original point of being eaten, copycat products, price war…… Market share a bit less, with the inventory squeeze, in the harsh market impact, as long as the transfer of sales, direct to consumer prices, unprecedented efforts, like those of dumped goods clearance of advertising, the plot is very cold, but it quickly return the funds, inventory pressure is reduced to


in the traditional sense, this sales model is the last ditch, is not the most critical moment, is not easy to use, however, when set off the marketing model to appear suddenly discovered that the original, the essence of the Internet thinking to the end is and consumers face-to-face, although this mode allows many people take a skeptical attitude, however, in the face of the Internet is not great scourges, find the pain points of traditional enterprises, may really be out of the market


so, the traditional enterprise marketing program intended to join the set off on the site, and have what website tall on the content gradually fade, but the product in the first place, update the content on the user’s preferences and interests, this change is clearly a qualitative leap, perhaps thinking changes. It is the basis of the rebirth, does not change the original mode, do not practice, everything is empty.

what is set off marketing? Set off in a certain period of time, a collection of people who have common needs, together directly from manufacturers and procurement of the required products, reduce the middleman layers increases, which makes the commodity prices lower.

many people say that this is not the idea of group purchase? In fact, set off the marketing is a very complex process, group purchase comparison, set off more marketing can deeply hold the old customers, attract them two times or even several times to buy. It can be said that the group purchase is a sky net marketing, high cost, develop low customer loyalty, is more like a farce. And set off the marketing is not, the so-called set off, the user is divided into various grades and ranks, for different users by means of marketing and preferential significantly different, it needs to do a lot of work, customers need to do customer intention to shop, frequency, customer level, customer identity, communication frequency, purchase decision, membership the customer service level, preferences and other specialty labels. < >