Axe technology financing 60 million Wang Feng do not affect the blue host


technology news October 13th news, today Wang Feng in an interview with sina said its latest venture axe technology has recently completed a $60 million round of financing, IDG capital, northern lights, Renaissance Capital Involved in the current round of investment, at the same time, he said, strategic investors also axe technology Blue Harbor interaction.

Wang Feng said the team after a year of efforts, the first generation of "Tomahawk host" has come to the host test stage, including hardware, system and content. Round of financing, will spend half of the introduction of the game masterpiece, will soon invite players to participate in experiential testing.

do host Wang Feng thought crazy

for Wang Feng, let him have the blue harbor interactive listing a business success, and this time, Wang Feng chose to enter the living room to the terminal products of console games, and even he admitted that the idea is crazy.

from the overall market, the global video game industry continues to grow, accounting for the global gaming industry share has remained at more than 30%, much higher than any other type of game.

In addition to

, the video game market in China has historically huge market potential, due to 14 years of game ban lifted only in 2014, the video game revenue accounted for less than 1% of the overall game market. If the reference to the global game industry video games accounted for more than 2013 and the domestic game industry scale of 83 billion 170 million yuan, without considering the domestic game overall market growth situation, the next few years, the annual TV game this market forecast will reach 30 billion yuan or more.

when facing such a piece of virgin land, Wang Feng believes that, in theory, whether it is "Tomahawk", or PS4, XBOX ONE and Wii u are in the same starting line. It is an opportunity and a challenge for the ax science and technology.

"I believe that the Internet has changed the traditional PC based on local operation, changed the mobile phone and tablet and other mobile terminals, will accelerate our focus on the TV and other household equipment and other entertainment terminal," he said, "even the connection VR technology cross platform, cloud computing, 3D era technology, display technology, more Gao Qingxian intelligent leap, will let the home entertainment terminal experience more exciting, around the TV platform game entertainment will play an important role in the future will become a a hotly contested spot".

however, the host is not like Wang Feng’s early products like the simple, in the development process, Wang Feng also realized that "I do before must have headed, done, feel more choose to do the home game console this crazy things".

engage in R & D super imagination

"research and development of a real game host, regardless of whether the market environment has been fully mature, the complexity in the design of hardware and software products and operators, far more than do a smart mobile phone and smart tv". King Lear