Commodity pricing strategy of online shopping platform

The double 11

once a year just past, various comments and statistics have been paid attention to by the people, but in the online shopping platform, the final sales is king. In recent days, Ali mother on the platform of Taobao customers to promote Excel explosion models list by the majority of promoters do not know download times, whenever the guest through Taobao click on, participate in the promotion of businesses will have to deduct promotion fee, the face of such a large double 11, the major electricity supplier or the seller never feel tired, because the sales amount from the above advantages, there is a price to make the above strategy. There may be a price is 100 yuan, including 5 yuan (price 5%) is Taobao customers to promote the cost of 60 yuan is the cost, the rest is profit, so the price is easy to let the seller tired but happy, after all, pricing strategy and sales of goods online shopping platform. Has a very important relationship, how should we make online shopping platform for commodity prices so


first, pricing depends on the target customers. We may feel that way, in many stores, there will be two significant groups, one is the pursuit of high-end price, simply start to buy customers, the other is choosy, customers bargain. For online shopping platform, making the price to the target customers, according to the target customer’s consumption level to set prices, for example, in some luxury goods online shopping platform for high-end customers, they pay more attention to the quality, price is not cold, without considering too much consumption level is low, and the like a 9.9 yuan shipping, shipping goods is more focused on the lower level of consumption of customers, the price is not suitable for a high level of consumption of customers.

secondly, the use of fractional price helps to promote consumption. In many business platform, we can see all kinds of prices will often price by decimal form is plus one or two decimal point behind the price of the product, such as with 8,9, this can let buyers think businesses pricing is very precise, on the other hand, the price of the decimal there are 8 similar point mantissa and other auspicious figures, buyers will be more acceptable to buy, my heart will be happy, in addition, another reason is because the decimal point can be used to segment the price range, such as a commodity market price is 80 yuan, so if you set the price at 79.8 this level, it is very easy to let the user see your goods on the market than the low commodity prices, users will feel the benefits will be more likely to promote consumption.

at the same time, the electricity supplier should focus on the commodity price differentiation. Online shopping goods and lines of goods, must have the difference to promote consumption, if it is a single general merchandise is lack of competitiveness, not to let the user select the user space, can not meet the different needs of people, it will lose its market competitiveness. Why is now the country’s major smart phone manufacturers will be divided into many different levels of mobile phones, such as millet phone has separate red rice series, the reason lies in the differentiation, red rice phone is for