Novice website promotion experience summary

Hello, my movie station built for a month. But because of the time, because it is in the company to work, so basically do not how to promote my website, every day in addition to the case often update the film, is the work of the. On the promotion of the site has been more than enough. Only occasionally take time to push a little. Oh, nonsense pulled over.

we all know that the site was built, the next thing is how to promote the site out, let others know your site, let people on your site to find the information they need. Then you have to learn how to promote the site. In A5 there are a lot of articles on the promotion, the introduction of a variety of methods. To learn the effect is indeed.

first of all, what type you built the station to that type of website to post. Do not send ads directly, so that it was deleted. The worst case might be a IP, I had this example. The first day of the beginning, just go to the community, see the post on the website issued information. One by one of the CTRL+C and CTRL+V, and later forgot to send a few of the same content, to the second day and then on the number of times, found that the account has been sealed. We may say that the closure will seal the chant, and then apply for a good. It is true to say so, but, if it is so effective, you might as well do it, but in fact, there is no effect, or even offensive. So I want to say that I will only make yourself tired, but no effect, why not change the method. 1, with the signature character, see people write posts, then you write down your feelings, must be sincere. 2, write articles that feel good, people will not read the direct feeling of advertising, but also want to read the feeling. And then leave the link in the bottom of their own, so that the administrator will not delete your post. If writing is good, may be added on the hair. (add essence oh. I don’t need to say more.

secondly, the news hype. Always pay attention to Baidu’s list of today’s theme, do not look down on these Oh, these can be the day the country’s most attention. These themes can be used to go to these forums to write about the feelings of these topics. These news can be reproduced directly, coupled with their web site links. It may also bring a considerable amount of oh.

also is to question and answer community. I heard that this method is very effective, I have not tried. Because Baidu does not let me ask the answer. Probably because of technical problems. The others haven’t tried yet.

there is more Links, novice don’t look down upon this, sometimes you can bring the Liuhe quantity is not small. And then do a good job of SEO optimization. Enhance their site rankings, I do not how, still in the study. I believe that one day my website will appear in the first page of the keyword (self consolation).

said so much, said the website promotion is a >