How to promote the quality and quantity

so-called quality and quantity, as the name suggests, is to ensure the quantity and quality assurance. Hospital network promotion also involves a quality problem, many people will ask what is life? What quantity? How to guarantee the quality and the quantity? This is a problem, but also can solve the problem.

hospital network promotion is an important means of information release, then his carrier of the major categories of information platform for the release of classified information, how to achieve quality and quantity?

how to achieve the amount:

1, complete daily posting volume

as a network promotion, we have a performance appraisal, posting is part of it. According to the different regional hospitals, each hospital director issued the task of different. If the supervisor in charge of the task, to do the kind of hospital today, 50 posts, that these 50 posts is our.

2, complete the number of post editing

a strong medical network marketing team, often equipped with community editors, specifically for the community to provide community articles. So in the absence of the need to write or modify their own, this requires a number. For different platforms with the same weight, if it is an article published by multiple platforms, the effect is certainly not more than a platform to release a good article.

3, complete statistical analysis

analysis of community data, regularly visits to the post station entrance, analysis, geographic analysis, the page background analysis, there is a community reservation situation analysis. This is done as a community staff must master the data, through the data we can analyze which types of articles conversion rate is good, which types of articles included fast, which type of article guidance, etc.. This is the medical network marketing blogger: Zhao Chun original, reproduced please be sure to indicate the source, retain the original address (


how to do quality:

1, to ensure that the collection of Posts

a post out no echo words, is different on the website promotion. We rely on the search engine to bring transformation, so if the search engine can not find your hair posts, then no doubt this post is a failure, which is one of the important criteria for assessing the quality of promotion.

2, ensure post ranking

because there are thousands of Posts every day in a platform, the same type of post occupy more than 50%, so want to get ranking is not so easy thing. One is the long-term accumulation of posts, and the other is the quality of the article. Then only to ensure that posts have rankings, we can say that the promotion is in place. Because the classification information itself is very low user conversion rate.

3, to ensure the quality of the article

to ensure that the quality of the article is to ensure that the rankings and articles