What brings us soft Wen

now many webmaster like to write soft, as long as there is a new station, will immediately by writing soft Wen to do propaganda. But is it clear what the soft Wen can bring us?

many webmaster just rely on soft Wen to get traffic, get IP, in fact, this is only the surface. Of course, not only to bring the flow of soft, more important is to reprint more words on the site’s links are more, but also can improve some weight.

is well known, ADMIN5 is a place where the soft text. As a qualified webmaster, that must learn to write soft. Do not you see, those outside the chain of big website frequently tens of thousands of where they come from? Most of these were written greatly soft, but also to write a soft text level, also to write to the editor to appreciate your article, although it is soft, but I can’t put the editors too soft, at least let Adsense nets editors don’t see your post is a yawn. Soft need not have much literary talent, important is hard, with little skill.

how to write a soft Wen?

a, Title

title should be attractive, don’t look dead, you write a title on the study of success in, do you think there will be many people interested in this article? Is the title we write articles (Ruan Wen) the first step to success, must be a good idea, have a little talk, also never mind. As long as the article is written about this topic to be. The title can be a bit personalized, such as my experience: Baidu dare not K my station, how do I do IP10000 in one day, etc.. As long as attractive, he as boundless as the sea and sky..

two, article (Ruan Wen) content

article content must not be a large number of plagiarism online was crazy reproduced articles.

first of all, the beginning of the article must write their own, do not copy, you can combine their web site example, start writing. Now many people write articles, like to write those empty and pale statement, it is a waste of time, murder themselves. Webmaster who is not read N more articles slowly grow up, your soft Wen wrote to the point, then I can only say that you are not suitable for writing soft wen. Or please help you master.

then, is the content of the text, with a little effort, you can write many is how much, to ensure that your writing is not garbage, at least one article down, others after reading, to get a feeling from your article, a little sympathy, even a little. How to write a good point of it? Combined with their own practical experience, take the example of the problem at hand. A great man is not to say that practice is the criterion for testing everything. Of course, it can not write, and can refer to a little bit of other people’s content. But not too much, not overdo sth..

finally, the end of the article must be original. Write your own article to summarize what. By the way, this article is original, where it comes from