YY voice conference held about Lou loose counterattack grass root has spring

held by Lu Songsong YY will share the counter attack, in the early hours of December 10, 2014 ended. All sharing meeting about the four hours, there is a gift, a celebrity webmaster, dry cargo, and our help bitter grass root. Harvest a lot, but also learned a lot, but also to share with you.


Lu Songsong, we will not introduce you, we do not know who Shao Lianhu is, but must know that the blog of Lu Songsong. I am every day on the Lu Songsong blog and A5 webmaster nets, because want to learn some webmaster knowledge through these sites.

some time ago found loose blog a little bit too hard, the article is too loose to review, and later heard that song brother specifically to do QQ space, and no time to manage the blog. That being the case, I also added a loose brother QQ, found loose brother QQ space is really lively.

A few days ago when

heard brother song to share in YY, but also dry cargo, some Adsense celebrities. See, I do not feel a bit, did not want to go to YY to listen to the lecture, I feel boring. Some time ago to participate in the Jiangsu Internet Conference did not learn anything, not even interested in YY speech.

this morning, still looking at the song of the blog, found that there is an article to jump directly to the QQ space. I went in to see, is to introduce the article to share YY. It also introduces some participants of the guests, Mou Changqing, Wang A5, Joe closer etc..

since so many celebrities, I downloaded a YY client, a registered account, nothing I Cougerenao. At the time, the general assembly has not yet started YY with thousands of people, then I still give Taobao client installation VideoStudio software.

I love the ride, where I go where the work, I also added a YY channel, began to listen to the songs playing in the channel. I heard that there are prizes in the general assembly, or free lottery, such a good thing I can miss it. I have never won anything for the people, I really want to know what is called a miracle.

eight o’clock, YY voice sharing conference officially began to come to know a moderator called tension. The host of a guy who, while a grass root, a Lu really funny, the conference sponsors and guests, and then officially entered the theme of the conference:

for the General Assembly guests and sponsors of the speech order I can not remember it, people have reached the menopause, I can only give you share my memory of the screen:

1, A5 webmaster Network – figure Wang

Wang told his former station experience, but also mentioned that the user needs to do things, users need what we do, and not for the fans to do anything, it makes no sense.