Talk about the network promotion of the medicine enterprise website

1: dynamic add: pharmaceutical companies often need to be some of the latest activities of your business, or you have a market held a large-scale promotional activities related information. In this way, new customers can be a good understanding, awareness, and thus cooperation!

2: health literacy: This is critical. The ability of the enterprise can be written specifically and some of your products are closely related to health knowledge, do not have to go online to reprint and your product is closely related to health knowledge. In this way, your site will slowly become a professional website and your products related to the treatment of customers and consumers will enter your site through search engines, understanding and awareness of your products!

3: with the medical website Links: and then you find some products similar to the site, the best medicine industry portal site exchange links, let potential customers through these channels to find your business! Friendship connection skill is to take a flagship product as your key word to exchange links, can not use the enterprise if you name, the main products are cold medicine, it is recommended that you use cold medicine merchants as the name of your company to exchange links, such as looking for cold medicine customers can easily access your website;

4: professional medical forum registration and publication, you can take the time to visit some professional medical forum, to release some information about your product or company, enhance the popularity of your site and the exposure rate of


5: Baidu asks promotion, Baidu asks you to search and product related issues, to help each other, to answer the questions of others at the same time, will you tell people that you are, and do good, and can get customers into your website


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