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is now talking about the Hongkong music, let you say a loud name, I believe that nine out of ten would shout out the Eason, but I’m a singer "2" after the broadcast, suddenly let everyone know that Hongkong is not only a Eason Chan can sing a long "goldfish mouth" 90 girls also will be super sing, sing super, the Coliseum opened N singing concert, and can write songs, sing, but also was Yoga Lin’s little girl. The first warm-up match, Zhang Yu took Gloria Tang from head to foot boast a times, the audience from the beginning to shook his head no, full of curiosity, the little girl has so much last year yellow mother cow? With a long skirt leisurely floating, bubble rings, mysterious veil of this woman a little bit open.

1 regional product promotion

Hongkong in the mainland people’s impression is what? Many song of God, winner of the delivery room, most of the songs of our childhood memories are from there to the age of 20 but also toured in this strength must be hung hom, no problem, the little girl from the beginning start on the way to the award-winning when people, minor stand kiss trophy on the red carpet, it is to let a lot of people only to follow. Mix well in Hongkong, it has a very good foundation, the next course is out of Hongkong, to the whole Chinese.

2 platform selection

We grilled

handle the fingers to calculate, how many of these two star game show, from CCTV to local, from Hunan to Zhejiang satellite TV, the singers, famous and not famous in those programs to summon the strength of flame, but there is no doubt in the design and introduction of mango variety show is still the first viewing style. Shot quickly, very tough, can seize the audience’s point of view. "I am a singer" the first phase of countless praise, returning to the powerful singer, long live band performance, high quality voice competition long, all the people are returning to a sudden return to the so-called art songs: the highest listen only. For me at that time, as long as a Friday to ensure sit in front of the television premiere. This platform exactly how the fire? Look at last year’s yellow mother will know, this platform what charm? Look at this year’s invited guests, Wei Wei, Chinese Chanticleer singer characters. So Gloria Tang’s team is very smart, choose this platform is very effective to enter the mainland market, overnight everyone knows this can sing GEM.

3 caters to market advantages

if you ask why you want to go to a concert?. Taiwan will have three big live will sing, whether the past is now the three or the three, a common ground, the sound enough penetration, so that there is a sense of the scene. From the first "bubble" to the "existence", "you" get me drunk, did you have shock at a loss? All the goose bumps off the ground? "Three axes" in Hongkong, Gloria Tang, the three axes with a times > in the program