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note: marketing messages are not unfamiliar to us, maybe everyone’s mailbox now also contains many QQ, fast, easy mail group purchase public comment, maybe sometimes you can not open one eye, you may have a headache how to deal with these messages…… This paper from the multi angle refined the voice of the user view incisive, especially children’s learning and business.

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spam! Maybe only Monty Python will like it. We’re not so sure. What is spam? Are you sending a lot of spam to the user unconsciously? Is there any place where email marketing can work now?

many of us have pain and love for email, which has become an inevitable part of life. Nothing is more troubling to us about the relationship we have built up on email.

first, it’s hard to define exactly what spam is. Google is defined as:

"sends the same message indiscriminately to a large number of recipients over the internet."

what does this really mean? The fact is that the same information, some people can accept, is very boring to some people.

is not a clear definition of what the form of recognition and what kind of difficult to accept, it will make the e-mail marketing more and more alienated users, rather than win them over.

do we give up the use of e-mail marketing tools, of course not!

The advantages of

email marketing

if used properly, either on your own or your subscribers, email marketing is a very good tool.

email marketing is not always necessary to force the user to complete an operation, although it is very effective. It also allows your users to remember your brand, so that when they are in need of services, the user will first think of you, rather than your competitors.

e-mail is an effective way to establish a lasting and stable relationship. Compared with the general website, e-mail communication has a more personalized interaction. You can ask questions, encourage users to discuss, collect feedback, etc.. A successful email marketing should be a dialogue, not a monologue.

email marketing not only allow the sender to benefit, but also sincerely.