2008 Video Site keyword monitoring integration attempt

small and medium video site to reduce the living space, there will be a variety of drawbacks and bottlenecks, the need to purchase or resource integration to avoid, the best solution. So, 08 years should be a variety of video industry solutions and the introduction of a year, after this stage, it is possible to explore a sustainable business model. Video sharing industry only two possibilities, one is the coexistence of one or two websites alone, other websites crash or through mergers and acquisitions and rapid integration; the second is only two to three websites, either because of funds or other reasons, the main site to withdraw from the competition, the situation become clearer. Of course, this may also be achieved through mergers and acquisitions to achieve the purpose of rapid integration of the industry. And now the video industry overlap between users, homogeneity serious, the industry is relatively easy to integrate. So the second most likely.

2007 video site keywords are pornography, piracy, loss". The video industry has changed a lot in the coming year. Bad video meaning expansion, strict restrictions. Before the video website content can also use the ball some Sassafras side to attract traffic, with the continuous increase supervision, needless to say the original video porn video positive are referred to as the fight against the ranks, and will not be tolerated. From the video site is known for the rectification of the potato network a day, I am still in the network music station, evident.

value of copyright content, and gradually attach importance to. The video industry in the initial stage of the popular doctrine, who has a good content, it took over reproduced, resulting in the search engine results will appear in a large number of duplicate video content. To this end, the search even specifically to discuss whether the search results to be re processed, only the actual search area where the user browsing the fastest speed, watching the most clear quality video content. With the improvement of the flow of video sites this year, the copyright owners have also found the value, began to pay attention to the issue of copyright transfer and sale.

video website opened distance, brutal competition. Video sites in the initial stage, there are almost an amount ranging from angel investment, so are more generous to rent a server, bandwidth, pull content. Is the user experience. Even compared with other website to be a bit faster, even compared with other web content to be a bit more than the other, even if the site looks a bit uncomfortable. Will become competitive capital. But the cost of a price before, did not find a mature business model, who has the position and direction of development is very good, and can use these from venture capital or advertisers worth mentioning, as long as the money, there is the opportunity to continue. To this end, potatoes, Youku, I have a successful network of music into a large sum of money; cool 6 network marketing capabilities have been recognized by the industry, but also for their self-sufficiency provides confidence. Of course there are bid farewell to the case, even if the net.

shows that in 2008 the video site keywords should be monitoring, integration, try". With the rapid development of the video industry, in order to make the industry more healthy, regulation is essential, the government will limit, industry standards will be constrained, video site >