Wang Sicong pulled a black live CEO behind Live barbaric growth era ended

each reporter Zhang Adams

this ChinaJoy, Wang Sicong as a new live platform panda TV family car ride came to the scene. But during the exhibition, Wang Sicong and the people open tear. According to friends broke the news, a broadcast platform CEO pull the black because of Wang Sicong problem and then anchor resources beauty, in the circle of friends directly to each other.

from the phenomenon, ChinaJoy this season with the previous biggest difference is that a large number of live platform companies accounted for the largest number of onlookers booth, booth must be beautiful anchor station. Broadcast platform has become the best business, one of the shortest chain of user transactions to the anchor, the two is to play the ultimate user stickiness. Therefore, in the content is king today, a good anchor with the creation of high-quality content and content is the audience’s favorite ability, the evolution of the broadcast dispute into the people of the dispute has become inevitable.

The charm of

grassroots myth

the exhibition, Wang Sicong of panda TV exhibiting very hard, had personally selected booth Showgirl, the final 15 girls on the day of the event is to join the talent shows itself, its many anchor of the show, the scene of jubilation.

broke the "black" event, it is understood that because of a female anchor to a broadcast platform CEO and asked Wang Sicong whether there are holidays, and then the CEO sends a message to Wang Sicong, found himself being pull the black, then it will reject the message and chat page screenshot sent to my circle of friends. Mr. Wang said: "why pull me black…… Did I do a live broadcast? "

Wang Sicong had won the chat interface screenshots from where, so in the circle of friends drying out this screenshot and with the text of the response.


"black" events are not known, but behind the broadcast platform is unusually hot at the same time, competition has intensified, and the competitiveness of the platform is mainly reflected in the anchor lineup, because the quality of anchors broadcast platform can create direct income, to become a major focus of resources is the host platform to compete. Each anchor will have their own fixed fan base, with a flow of the anchor, user stickiness will broadcast platform of the medium to the extreme, the number of fans have a large coffee usually can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of.

Just like the previous

from Dragonball TV switched to TV gaming tiger queen miss, a conservative estimate of the number of the audience to attract hundreds of thousands to millions of teeth TV. TV is the tiger tooth pain under the original capital, the contract price of nearly one hundred million yuan, recently, from Huya Betta TV spent 100 million yuan price of the "furnace stone" president, board Niang to poach.

like the Internet business and grassroots counter attack, the game live is the best stage to create grassroots myth and big anchor, worth almost equal to the entertainment line star, is the most direct embodiment of the grassroots myth.

giant into the ecosystem

despite the severe burn, but now the Lord.