Ministry of culture to raise the threshold of SNS online games operating small owners frustrated

yesterday, the Ministry of Culture issued the "Interim Measures for the management of online games". This approach will definitely be included in the scope of the regulation of the SNS game, and requires operators to obtain a network of cultural business license. In this regard, many domestic owners expressed concern that the implementation of this approach will make a lot of webmasters lose the possibility of operating SNS games, which will also make a lot of revenue dropped significantly.

yesterday, the director of the Ministry of culture market division Liu Qiang said in an interview with Sohu IT, according to the measures, SNS games, webgame within the scope of supervision of the Ministry of culture. The "measures" provisions, SNS game operators should have the following conditions, and obtain the "permit" network culture management: the name, domicile, organization and articles of Association; the network game business scope; conforming to the provisions of the state employees; not less than 10 million yuan of registered capital; comply with the relevant provisions of administrative regulations and the state laws and conditions.

do not want to disclose the name of the webmaster said, according to the "approach", a lot of SNS form of the site must get "network culture operation license", and this is basically impossible for small adsense. He said, SNS gaming revenue has many owners occupy the bulk of the income, the income loss will make life difficult for owners.

and if the small webmaster SNS online games operations may be canceled, the company will also provide relevant platform challenges.

for the small owners to provide roaming platform, virtual currency and game plug-in Comsenz also expressed concern that policy. Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang said that the formulation of administrative department, this approach does not necessarily understand the actual situation, whether these Provisions operability is unknown.

at the same time, Dai Zhikang said, Kang Sheng platform gained worldcn the qualification, all at the same time, Kang Sheng platform for the games are obtained through the review and revision. The use of Kang Sheng platform small website is not directly access operation, and is embedded in the game, the game page, therefore, should not be included in the operation of small and medium-sized webmaster SNS game ranks, there is no need to apply for "network culture operation license".

another industry veteran said that in the past operations, the use of other small sites SNS platform does not belong to the independent operation of the game, which is also the unspoken rules of the industry authorities acquiescence. The Ministry of culture, the approach is also believed to guide the healthy development of SNS games, rather than investigating the large number of small and medium-sized webmaster, moreover, it is also a test of law enforcement capabilities.

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