BENS BLOG A few words of warning for Tom Kerr

first_imgThe big announcement has come, and the next Editor of the Racing Post, such a powerful mouthpiece for The Game, was made on Friday. And Tom Kerr is the man who has stepped up to the plate.First of all; Well Done to the Racing Post for not choosing a daft, cut-out Hooray, to drag us all back to, err, well, the present. The appointment of somebody, both young and non-nepotistic, is certainly progressive.However, I warn Mr Kerr of the following:He will now be surrounded by public sycophants and nodders, who are actually private slagger-offers. ‘He’s way out of his depth’. ‘He won’t last until Ascot’. ‘He only got the job because of X,Y,Z (all untrue)’. ‘Who does he think he is? Rupert Bloody Murdoch?! Ha!’.And when he’s proved all of these idiots, who of course didn’t put themselves forward for the advertised-opportunity, DEFINITELY none of them will apologise, withdraw their lies, and say that they were wrong.PATHETIC & TRAGIC UNDERACHIEVERS.In other news:I do hope that Tom will be giving his full backing to Greyhound Racing. As we need all the help we can get! He has some highly skilled and passionate journalists on the Doggy Team and I think it’s high time we saw a return of the Greyhound Derby Pullout and lots more interesting features. He can make a real difference too, if he helps the push for The Dogs to receive the same Levy as Horseracing.Over and out, B xlast_img