Luo fat of the national total time concept or can explain the second half of the nternet

in 2016, there are several large coffee, and puts forward several similar concepts and conclusions.

For example,

founder Li Feng forright capital, the growth of mobile Internet will be closer to flat, domestic entrepreneurs will increment from the Internet era into the era of the stock.

Luo Zhenyu in September, potential energy to create a speech in the ShenZhen Railway Station, said his six cognitive Internet, the first cognitive mentioned: the Internet has entered the second half, similar to the point of view and Li Feng.

and Luo fat mentioned in the fifth cognitive: time is the real battlefield. Consumption upgrade, in essence, is transferred from space consumption to time consumption. Now the emerging middle class, in fact, has not been able to buy things, in the future you give people a gift, if this thing to occupy each other’s family space, in fact, it may be a burden for him.

so, the future of the battlefield, a very important area of consumer upgrades, from the consumption of tangible products to the consumption of intangible products. For example, a variety of services, entertainment, tourism and so on, here in the field of space, no longer work, time has become the only rigid resources.

later, Luo Zhenyu in the first episode of this view, completely simplified as an important new concept: the national total time. If we refer to the total national income GNP (Gross National Product, referred to as GNP), can give the national total time for a short time: GNT (Gross National Time).


one, the Internet boundaries

we used to think that the Internet is far away from the world, it can be infinite in space, of course, this perception is correct. The first generation of the Internet on behalf of Google, Amazon, youtube and so on, it is the content of the Internet space, based on an infinite number of assumptions, Google English itself is 1 behind 100 0, the founder of Google hope, can provide users with unlimited search ability.

The business logic of

on Amazon, unlimited space is built on the basis of the Internet, they put forward the concept of the so-called "bit VS atom", let down shelves, merchandise display space is infinitely more, even the famous long tail theory is the basis of the observation of the amazon.

of course, we can not say that this assumption is wrong, in theory, the Internet is still unlimited space, unlimited content of the world.

but from another point of view, an infinite space and content, it is necessary to interact with the user will produce value. We can say that the universe is infinite (of course, it actually has its boundary), but the infinite space for the earth’s people, in fact, nothing, because in the current theory, you travel the highest speed is the speed of light, you will never use this infinite space.