Today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming there are 140 million active users every day on average 76 minute


, the founder of today’s headlines Zhang YimingSina

technology news November 17th news, today’s headlines founder and CEO Zhang Yiming in the 2016 World Conference on the Internet revealed that by the end of last month, the end of the month, there have been a total of 600 million active users of today’s headlines, 140 million active users, each user every 76 minutes.

he said, to achieve such results can not be separated from the application of AI technology in the product, in the case of no one to maintain editorial information, the use of today’s headlines when the product exceeds the long-term counterparts. Zhang Yiming said, so far, today’s headlines has eight hundred Algorithm Engineers, twenty thousand processors, 151 training samples, 6 billion times every user request, the request is already very large in artificial intelligence applications, there are twenty thousand machines around the clock to calculate probability.

he said in a review, now, the content of today’s headlines, a person to see if needed 150 days to read, if two people see the accuracy between them is only 75%, but the machine processing accuracy rate can reach 87%, 25 minutes to read, so that the robot can read faster than people, find out the wrong part of them, so the artificial intelligence will be used to audit. (Li Bai)

is the following speech:

good morning! As Ogawa said, in fact, in artificial intelligence field in the wave of Internet China very rough, now the companies have turned to the use of artificial intelligence information recommendation, today the previous share many applications and AI technology. I would like to focus on what we say about the artificial intelligence platform information platform.

in fact I think the first is from the beginning of artificial intelligence information, the information platform is the most easy to achieve results, before please look at a video to explain what is called intelligent information platform. (watch the video) video introduces a headline using information platform, using the precise localization, in an attempt to search. You think about it before we find a missing person how to release information, we may publish information on newspaper, newspaper published tracing information is very difficult to find people, past the headlines is very precious, not the Enlightenment on the front page headlines, today’s headlines with the artificial intelligence technology to precise positioning of who is most likely to find this man, I have these two thousand personal mobile phone headlines displayed on the screen without a revelation, actually we just consumed the amount of reading is very good, now we have to find someone China is the fastest, most of the platform, each of the one hundred missing information, we can find 13.75 people, now has a total of 500 people. From such a small example, we can see the application of artificial intelligence in the field of information.

so there are a lot of people ask me, the headlines is not a media, why your company to recruit so many artificial intelligence engineer, I would like to explain. Our company is the first to combine the algorithm in a specific application, we apply the algorithm engineering products