The world’s three largest soft kill testing agencies cancel all certification Qihoo 360

IT home today, three of the world’s most famous authority antivirus testing agency AV-Comparatives, AV-TEST, Virus and Bulletin jointly denounced China security vendors of Qihoo 360, the reason is that the 360 institutions to test the product and the actual payment of users of the product shows significantly different behavior. Three testing agencies announced that all authentication and rating will cancel Qihoo 360 product since this year, and will in future tests adhere to open fair treatment parameters measured manufacturers, to ensure that users receive the most accurate information.

Investigation of

three evaluation agencies shows that Qihoo are enabled by default Bitdefender engine in all products sent to test, but the Qihoo’s own QVM engine but never have been opened, and the version of the software release on its official website in a seemingly open page. On the contrary, the main market in the region of the Qihoo 360, the default settings are Bitdefender and QVM turned the engine off, after testing, this will significantly reduce the level of protection, and a significant increase in the rate of false positives, products have the option to adjust these settings, but most ordinary users do not care. Test institutions in the test repeatedly stressed that if the default settings with the product, so as to objectively reflect the actual use.

in the test when the Qihoo 360 survey, the company in turn accused the other two Chinese security vendors, Baidu and Tencent. By the two companies product analysis shows that, which contains some special markers, including several testing agency name, may suggest that these products will show the product behavior is different according to the different environments. But the Qihoo’s products also have similar markings. However, there is no evidence that any of the two products are given a significant advantage, sometimes even at a disadvantage. Both companies can provide justification for the inclusion of these products in the product.

provides for their actions are explained in the Qihoo 360, the firm admitted some set shencechanpin after artificial modification, including the detection of the key and open the software, and will be redirected to the cloud query server close distance test mechanism. After repeated requests to provide specific information about the third party engine, they finally admitted that the engine settings and the user use the engine settings are different.

All the awards and certification of

Qihoo since 2015 to get so will be canceled three evaluation agencies, and in the future will be the Senate measure manufacturers to make more stringent requirements to prevent the cheating behavior in future manufacturers.

Virus Bulletin coo John Hawes said. "It’s not good for anybody. Independent testing at the same time for users and vendors to serve, to show which products best, which manufacturers need to work hard. If the test product is not the same as the one used in the real world, it is not useful