Baidu will increase the remediation of Putian Putian Department of hospital with what dare to fight

Dare to challenge Baidu and

, as China private medical market the main force of the "Putian" in the end is how to get? The so-called big four family’s and what industry? Big department of Putian all over the country behind why

kept a mystery?


March 21st, Putian (China) Health Industry Association issued a notice of the contents of "notice on stopping" all paid network promotion, notice clearly requires all member units since April 1, 2015 to stop all paid online promotional activities, and put forward 5 requirements.

the whole event is like this:

due to the recent Putian (China) health industry will be issued to all medical institutions in Putian notice, requiring all institutions in the association to stop the promotion of paid networks on the internet. Putian Federation pointed out: now because of the rules of the network bidding, leading to serious problems facing the industry, many medical institutions are working for Internet Co. According to the information provided by micro-blog account @ Gong Wenxiang, a lot of big cities of medical bidding words have risen to cap, to reach 999 yuan per click.

earlier today Baidu news official micro-blog for the Department of Putian to resist a response, micro-blog said Baidu content recently due to increased regulation and illegal hospitals, triggered a boycott of the largest private hospital group in Putian. Baidu tough attitude towards the matter in the end, and will increase the remediation of illegal medical promotion represented by the Department of Putian.


then the problem, the Department of Putian so why dare to challenge with Baidu behind the existence of control group?


Yu Minhong has been shelling

in 2014, the New Oriental Group Limited company chairman Yu Minhong for female employees into the delivery of Yunnan Maria hospital and private hospital on the accidental death of all sorts of shady shelling, behind the "invisible giant" is also the media source pulled out.

It is reported that

, one of the subordinate enterprise entity involved Yunnan Maria hospital in Fujian Putian Zhanshi medical group, which is a famous private medical department of Putian hospital of. "Putian" is the ranking of Baidu’s largest advertisers, Fujian Putian municipal Party committee secretary Liang Jianyong has publicly said: "Baidu total advertising in 2013 is 26 billion yuan, Putian private hospital to do a 12 billion yuan of advertising in Baidu."


According to the analysis of TOMsinsight

in the "Internet black market: Baidu bidding single page" disclosure of the data shows that the 10 popular Internet advertising industry, medical related accounted for four, respectively is the "cosmetic", "medical services", "medical equipment", "weight loss increased", it is also in these industries, Baidu CPC price.