Taobao sellers dilemma false credit delete and delete

Taobao seller Lee recently some uneasy, he has been hesitant in the end whether the shop to delete false credit. "Delete business must be greatly affected, do not delete the fear was found to have more stringent penalties." Xiao Li said.

Li’s concern stems from Taobao’s new line of the second generation of safety inspection and monitoring system, and in July 24th began the integrity of self-examination". Sellers received a notice from Taobao, requiring the removal of suspected hype within a specified period of time, do not delete the need to provide transaction documents for manual audit. In Taobao’s platform, credit is accumulated through the transaction volume. "Diamond", "crown" and other credit rating has become the basis for the seller to do business. For the majority of shop owners, high credit means more goods, more customers and more business. However, with the continuous expansion of the number of Taobao shop, the seller’s credit costs are getting higher and higher. "Now there are too many shops on Taobao, there is no two or three diamonds almost no business." Li said that for his new seller, through the false trading brush almost become a common practice of survival.

now, the choice of the transaction volume or the choice of credit brought about by the choice of credit, Li and other sellers are facing problems. Taobao also faces a choice. Large scale credit has caused a large number of shopkeepers puzzled and unhappy, and even some sellers organized a rebellion. But if you do not allow a thorough investigation, credit spread, it may lead to the collapse of the credit system of Taobao.

brush out credit

in fact, from the first day of the establishment of Taobao’s credit mechanism, the practice of brush credit will follow. Friends to help take a piece of goods, after payment of the owner to return the money but not shipped, so that a real transaction on Taobao was born. However, due to the low efficiency of this approach is too slow to brush credit, therefore, will not affect the overall credit system. The real cause of the hype is the emergence of the proliferation of credit credit brush platform.

By the end of

2006, a man named Du Pengyun was the first to discover the business opportunities.

at that time, we found that the degree of prosperity of the seller’s Taobao business, largely depends on the level of the seller’s store credit." Du Pengyun said, "the vast majority of buyers are very concerned about the shop seller credit, this direct credit high sellers business is booming, the new shop, no new seller credit does not receive the order." Therefore, the organization has developed a special set of personnel, began to want to get credit as soon as possible to provide credit services Taobao sellers.

Du Pengyun said that there are two main ways of speculation credit: the first one for each brush, will have the intention to sell the seller’s credit organization, to provide a platform for everyone to take goods to improve credit. But the speed is slow.

second is a direct user pay, organized by the platform around the buyer to buy the owner of the goods, the platform will be divided into income and professional buyers. > >