Shanghai travel network travel experience sharing

time of wind, the twinkling of an eye to the Shanghai travel network almost half a year, between the understanding of the tourism industry in the first half of this year, published an article in < < network owners; the promotion of ideas about the tourism network > > the article, on the understanding of the tourism industry (HTTP://

Shanghai this place a full competitive metropolis, especially in the tourism industry. Price war is a common tactic in tourism. This tactic allows the major travel agencies in Shanghai at lower profits, to win customers, although some achievements, this is the Shanghai area tourism jiquanbuning, constantly running out, to get out of this situation, the major travel agencies are trying to develop new channels.

Shanghai tourism was born in a state of confusion in the tourism industry, it is based on the fundamental is based on Shanghai travel agency, has a stable tourism product resources, user location it is the ordinary people of Shanghai and think of Shanghai travel around


Shanghai and history is less than half a year, quite a few detours on the way of development, but these detours also let us understand a lot! There is a lot of experience and lessons, to share with you:

where I swim a network is a travel agency as its capital operation, but the real profitability of the project are not many, but spent a lot of investment costs, for example: the prophase team marketing ideas is through a traditional mode of thinking, such as travel brochures, booklets, these data input can immediately generate profits, but the investment cost is high, once the advertising color brochure and stop, visits and consultation immediately from around the daily 200, reduced to about 40 per day, the intermittent one month continuously, which cause the high cost and low income results in intangible, and don’t let a net swim in the stability and development, but just the opposite. In this regard, I am responsible for the team, put forward their own operational recommendations (previously mentioned, did not adopt):

1. Streamline personnel, can reduce costs, to reduce staff, but the efficiency can be improved, many people may not be a good thing

2. Increase network promotion Commissioner, strengthen the network publicity, enhance the network brand, after all, we are doing is the network

3. Strengthen the network sales business ability

4. Re positioning the development direction of Shanghai tourism network

5. SEO optimization of the site itself, to improve the knowledge of the site and product richness

through the above suggestions, the entire record number of travel network team reduced from more than and 20 to 7, before 2 people do a job done by one person now! Not only the quality of work are not down, but left to the people to go to work, and from.