China’s scale buy site up to 1664

held in 2010 the first group purchase website Chinese integrity of the building before the summit in Beijing, the development of the 2010 Chinese website Chinese Internet association group purchase credit evaluation center issued at the meeting "and credit report" survey shows: as of the end of November this year, the total number of group purchase website has a certain scale in China has reached 1664.

report shows that this year, the customer is satisfied with the domestic buy site, which is 70% of the satisfaction of the service class, product class satisfaction of 72.2%. The integrity of the site has become a short board of its satisfaction. In the survey for the 257 and 5 group purchase group purchase website navigation website, more than 1/3 of the main business of the overall credit is poor, more than half of the credit generally only 7% of the website, the website of good credit.