How to learn the knowledge of e commerce

today, there is a class of 10 students asked me how the professional e-commerce? How should I learn, school for a year, feel very confused, do not catch the point! After I heard this question, first is the heart smile, as if to see the lost four years ago myself. In order to make him less detours, I wrote this article!

e-commerce professionals involved in a wide range of knowledge, knowledge and more complex. They interweave with each other into a large net. I also do not know how to start. But there is one thing to grasp, that is, no matter how many professional knowledge of e-commerce, only I learned the hand, is really belongs to their own.

back to the original, in order to learn something, not less detours. A problem sometimes very simple, oneself for a long time do not understand what is going on, but the others explain, but the feeling is very simple. I don’t know how much energy I wasted. Here is my summary for some how to learn e-commerce professional knowledge based on personal experience, hope for the new e-commerce professional students have some help


e-commerce professional knowledge and other professional has a lot of differences, before we learn it, it is best to have a simple understanding of its characteristics. Only grasp its characteristics, can choose the right way to learn. The following is about the characteristics of e-commerce expertise is personal knowledge, there are deficiencies, please consult a lot.

complex: the professional e-commerce knowledge complex is the biggest characteristic of it, my student career in electronic commerce professional in three to four years, to enable students to learn the.Net, JSJ, PHP language programming, website development, website promotion, network marketing, the introduction of e-commerce business etiquette, marketing, human resource management, accounting, international trade, electronic commerce and logistics and other knowledge. Very messy, often in front of us to learn, the textbooks together, what do not know.

wide: e-commerce is another major feature of the specialty, in the direction of training, many schools will be written to train application-oriented, complex talent. That is what all want to understand some. That the operation to understand some of the marketing to understand some of the management to understand some of the technology to understand some.

: a new e-commerce knowledge renewal speed is any previous period in human history is never ever. Every day do not know how much of the new knowledge to join the old knowledge disappeared. For example, for a period of time before the email marketing, blog marketing, mass software, search engine optimization, microwave marketing, will rise in a short period of time, the promotion effect reached the maximum value, then decreased rapidly. And other educational circles to the marketing model how to operate, how should be made to monitor the teaching materials in the classroom, it has not had the kind of magical effect.

practice: all the theoretical knowledge of e-commerce, almost all from practice, take the site optimization SEO>