Crack user trust dilemma or will promote e commerce into the mainstream

July 1st, the Boston consulting firm (BCG) published an article entitled "Chinese digital 2: the new generation of digital media and e-commerce into the mainstream" report, the main person in charge of nettesheim report said that the explosive growth of Internet use, and it is fundamentally changing the economic and social China also. Bring unlimited business opportunities. By 2012, China’s online advertising share will grow from 8% in 2008 to $20%.

China’s explosive growth in the digital market, from the changes in the behavior of Chinese consumers – digital media and e-commerce has become the mainstream of Chinese netizens life. The Chinese longitudinal view of the way consumers use the Internet, e-commerce market is in the business should not be missed amidst the winds of change in one step.

industry with the sun to describe China’s e-commerce market: e-commerce industry as a whole can not be said to see the dawn, but to see the sun rising slowly". The first half of this year, e-commerce companies including Jingdong mall, where the customer, Dunhuang net, red child, etc., are le Amoy announces millions of dollars of venture capital. Liu Chunning also said: "for any business, in the next 3 years, you have to consider e-commerce this thing."

e-commerce is not representative of overheating, defects of this emerging model of economic development is not inherent in the website was hacked cause the user to lack of trust in e-commerce, is an urgent need to address the problem of e-commerce. July 4th, Google YouTube video site was hacked, many popular video frequently pop up when playing the window, so that the user is quite a headache.

at the same time, a number of iTunes accounts have been hacked, user account balance stolen for the purchase of Apple’s App Store application store applications. "My credit card appeared suspicious activity. Ultimately, my credit card in iTunes appeared more than 10 in the amount of $40 to $50 deal, the total transaction reached $558." One user said.

it is understood that the global post Chinese Nobel network enterprise has developed the second generation of CHINO America Dallas room background, email monitoring system has a high-end, at the same time with customers to send and receive e-mail smoothly, anti-virus anti spam and other practical requirements, can effectively prevent the important business information disclosure.

On the other hand, China’s

e-commerce dilemma, is that many small and medium-sized enterprises note domain name, web sites, and even spend huge sums of money for its website promotion, however, although this has brought a substantial increase in site traffic, the number of orders is still a growth, the real success of the transaction is one of the few.

investigate the reasons, China Connaught network said that with the occurrence of more and more network security incidents, so that the Internet has been weak trust foundation is more unreliable. Because the company can not provide any credible authentication information for its own website, resulting in about 90% of the loss of customers. Therefore, how to create a user to enterprise >