Love fresh bees together drops express 520 city blessing relay

May 20th is a sweet young day, love fresh bee teamed up to create a 520 bit express love theme not only send users express whisper sweet appointment, also prepared a beautiful fruit bag and from a stranger by surprise, lucky user shouted warm heart is cool.

love fresh fruit bags for 520 bee free add happiness


love fresh bee and drops together to create 520 express express theme in May 20th morning beautiful dressing to drive on the road, ready for the lucky passengers this day. It is understood that every car 520 car theme prepared a fine love fresh bee fruit bags, so that the user can at any time vitamin supplements during the journey, can give it to the people you care about as a sweet gift. In addition, the love of fresh bees and drops express also for the user to prepare a surprise from strangers, each user can receive a blessing card, can be addressed to the next car in the stranger. "Love fresh bee and drops are express shared economy mode, love is sharing a common gene economy, design this 520 greeting card is to put the blessings of transfer among strangers, to bring happiness and good mood to share out, love fresh bee market department responsible person said.


it is understood that this card not only in May 20th this day to the lucky users a surprise, is still a social platform sparked interest discussion, a user receives the card is full of code, he cannot read only to the social platform for help, did not expect several seconds programmer users "code mean, strange to you, please eat more milk, less overtime, and the type of code programmers even say out, more onlookers users praising writing this card programmer must be a warm man.


brand marketing across the brand will be deeply into young people’s lives

not only love fresh bee prepared 520 gifts for the lucky users, all users can also start a month to receive the value of 50 yuan in May 20th 520 bee bee love fresh fresh coupons, as long as the love of fresh bee APP input "520 love whispers" can receive orders, and enjoy preferential.


service is fast and reliable and fresh love bee drops express common label, and as a shared economy on behalf of the enterprise both user groups positioning in the city of young people in pursuit of environmental protection and convenient living, consistent tone of the brand and user groups are widely acclaimed let this love fresh bee drops fast and car 520 theme activities by users the. It is reported that the love bee in the creation of the two anniversary of the occasion will be more excellent brands, Internet Co cooperation, to provide users with more kind of more interesting interactive marketing experience, while the benefits to users.