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introduction: before taking on micro post too much today and share some knowledge about micro business team. Many people are looking for a niubable micro business team, or you can have a niubable micro business team, micro business team so Niubi is how to make


usually forced micro business team will also select partners, so many people still want to build their own team. In particular, as the culmination of today’s business, including a lot of traditional corporate friends, they hope to be able to set up a force of micro business team, but often not the door.

as one of my junior high school classmate Wang two, never graduated from college to work in the south, they have a small factory for others to do the processing now, this year saw the derivative of such a fire, it seems easy, but also eager. So, what should Wang Er do? Where to start?

wants to play directly to the team reached the field of micro business, we must first understand the micro business what work needs to be done, how much work is there; and then know niubable luxury micro business need those staffing team.

first look at micro business sellers what work is

1, product problems

upstream supply chain, product development, product design, packaging design.

2, marketing promotion

product positioning, selling mining, marketing planning, promotion and dissemination, activities planning and execution, advertising, copywriting promotion, circle of friends.

3, visual design

product publicity pictures, pictures, pictures and other visual design. The circle of friends.

4, team training

product training, promotion training, sales training, word training.

5, after sales support

warehouse logistics, order processing, customer service and other after-sales support.

your micro business agents are mostly from all walks of life, non marketing professionals, can not be proficient in copywriting and marketing planning. The core work of the agent team is to play the most active and more interactive. As for the circle of friends copywriting, pictures, daily activities, the need for a unified arrangement by the brand side. Agents who are not good at work, only need to listen to perform on it. For those who can do their own copy or design talent, can be incorporated into your "copy group" "visual group".

, such as Wang two to form a team, because the king of two have their own factory to help others do oem. Product development and even the brand itself does not need to consider, you can directly form a marketing team. Of course, a little social experience, people know that the best way to avoid detours is to learn from others. A lot of experience has been practiced by countless teams and can be used directly. So there are a lot of people, too